Friday, January 2, 2009

Men destroyed based solely on the accusations of women

A December 31 report from the Mercury News found here chronicles the circumstances that led a San Jose police officer to face felony charges of sexual battery and false imprisonment for patting down a woman.

He claims it was a routine pat down; she claims it was sexual battery. It is his word against hers. One of them is lying. She's charged him with sexual battery; if he is believed, she should be charged with making a false police report.

Yet only he is charged with a crime.

Only he faces the prospect of years in prison. Only he is tormented by the terror of losing his liberty even if he is innocent because he can't be certain that the truth will be believed. After all, she might be a credible liar.

Only his name is splashed all over the news for the entire world to titillate to the details of his humiliation. And when we read that a man has been accused of a crime of this nature, most of us believe that he probably did it -- after all, why else would he be in the newspaper? You see, we convict men and boys in the court of last resort, the court of public opinion, before a scrap of evidence is introduced at trial based on nothing more than the say-so of a lone accuser. The news outlets are complicit partners in the rush to judgment, happily spreading the name of the hapless male who's been accused of this most vile crime. His reputation has been destroyed forever because, regardless of the outcome of his ordeal, he will never be able to completely disprove her allegation to everyone's satisfaction. There will always be people who wag their tongues and declare "something must have happened."

We can only imagine what this allegation has done to his marriage, his relationships with his children, parents, other relatives and friends. We can only imagine the emotional scars this nightmare is causing him, and will cause him forever.

In contrast, she is shrouded in anonymity forever. Even if the charges are deemed to be unfounded, she can move on with her life with no one knowing that she is a liar.

Is there any other accusation aside from an accusation of sexual misconduct that can so easily destroy a human being based on nothing more than another citizen's word?

Yet the entire public discourse about these issues is designed to encourage more women to come forward. No one, aside from a handful of us, gives a damn about the rights of the presumed innocent, such as this police officer who, if he's to be believed, was just doing his job. Most likely because the victims are almost exclusively male. No one, except a handful of us, is screaming about the carnage caused to the lives of the innocent by false accusers.

The falsely accused are collateral damage in the war on rape; their victimization is minimized by the feminists who monopolize the public discourse on these issues and declared aberrational -- nothing to be alarmed about.

Well, we are alarmed, very alarmed, because we know their victimization is not aberrational.

We know that virtually every male is a potential target of a false allegation of sexual misconduct. And we know that such allegations are not uncommon.

Here is an excerpt of the news story from the December 29 edition of the Mercury News:

San Jose police officer Julio Morales adamantly denies that he sexually touched a young woman a month ago while on duty, his lawyer said Wednesday.

Morales was doing a routine pat search of the woman in a neighborhood where someone had been shot the night before, attorney Craig Brown told the Mercury News. He even gave her a ride afterward.

"He made contact with her under the circumstances that it was altogether appropriate to do a cursory pat search,'' Brown said. "As I recall, she was somewhat distraught because she was late to getting back to where she had to be. In order to be a good guy and a good cop and a good officer he offered to take her back — and he did — and that was the end of it.''

Morales, a 41-year-old former U.S. Marine and a sniper who has served on the department's elite SWAT team, stands charged with something far more serious: sexual battery and false imprisonment of the 18-year-old woman, both felonies.

The news story in full is found here.