Monday, January 12, 2009

Boy jailed for five months based solely on girl's claim that sex was not consensual, jury acquits him in one hour

The following is a news report from Southern Maryland. A boy who had been held in jail since July was released after he was acquitted by a jury of raping a 12-year-old girl. It was a he said-she said case, with the boy claiming sex was consensual. The jury deliberated for all of an hour.

For what other type of allegation can a 12-year-old girl cause a male to be imprisoned for five months based solely on her word and no other evidence? And now, nothing will be done to ascertain if, in fact, she committed a crime. Atrocious.


Teen acquitted of rape, assault charges

St. Mary's jurors acquitted a 16-year-old Great Mills boy Friday afternoon of second-degree rape and other charges filed against him from a visit to his family's home last July by a 12-year-old girl.

Family members of John K. Edison Jr. rejoiced as they awaited his release from the county jail, where he had been held in pretrial custody since his arrest.

At the close of the four-day trial, jurors deliberated the case for about an hour before announcing their verdict, clearing the teenager of the rape charge and additional counts of a second-degree sexual offense, fourth-degree sexual offense and second-degree assault.

"He was innocent from Day 1. I knew he didn't do it," John K. Edison Sr. said.

Prosecutors alleged that the teenager overpowered the girl as he took her into his bedroom.

Defense lawyer Kevin McDevitt countered that any sexual activity between the two was consensual, and that the girl, along with her cousin, made false claims sexual assaults by Edison and another boy to avoid punishment for being out late at night. Detectives had quickly determined that the other girl's complaint was unfounded.

"These girls lied about every single thing," McDevitt told the jurors. "This case should not be here at all."


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