Friday, December 12, 2008

Woman falsely accuses boyfriend of rape, causes him to be arrested, is given a three month sentence

In the news story below, a woman lied that she was raped by her boyfriend and caused him to be arrested and held in custody (the story does not say for how long).

She was sentenced to a three month jail term.

Imagine if you were the boyfriend falsely arrested. He surely realized that it was possible no one would believe his story and that he might be imprisoned for years. Imagine the terror this must have caused him. Imagine what must have become of his job and his relationships with family and friends. Imagine how he must feel about women now, and about trusting another human being. It is safe to assume he will never be the same.

And then consider the fact that the woman who did this will only serve three months in jail, and ask yourself, "Is that fair?"


Maid cried raped, jailed

By Sujin Thomas

AN INDONESIAN maid who was worried that her employer would find out about her relationship with a Singaporean man made a police report in August claiming that he had raped her.

She later admitted to the police that she had concocted the story.

On Wednesday, a magistrate court sentenced 25-year-old Nurhayati to three months' jail for giving false information to a public servant.

According to court documents, she made a police report on Aug 18 claiming that her Singaporean boyfriend, who works as a fruit stall assistant, had tried to rape her.

She alleged that he removed her t-shirt and kissed her. The man was then arrested and held in custody.

Nurhayati later admitted that she had lied about the rape.

Her employer who only gave her name as Madam Lim, told The Straits Times outside the courthouse said that she did not know Nurhayati had a boyfriend.

She said: 'I was shocked when I found out. I had trusted her a lot and even asked her if she was absolutely certain before I called the police on her behalf.'

Madam Lim said Nurhayati arrived in Singapore just over a year ago and had worked for her since.