Friday, December 5, 2008

Why we need this Web site

In a prior post we quoted a wise columnist who wrote: "In this brave new world, some people's suffering is more valid than others'." And: ". . . only when we see [men falsely accused of rape] as men and not as people--do we dare to callously declare that their suffering should be a learning experience."

That goes to the heart of why we need this site: feminists dominate the public discourse about rape, and have done so for the past several decades. Rape was previously too difficult to convict, and too many women were forced to submit to sex without their consent. The law made necessary adjustments. The law is now rational, and largely fair -- sometimes it is not applied fairly (and such unfairness at times affects the alleged victim and at the other times the accused).

Innocent men falsely accused of rape suffer, too -- sometimes more than rape victims. Too many modern feminists unnecessarily minimize their victimhood by pretending false rape claims are not a widespread problem. That is objectively false, but I believe they do it simply because of women's past victimization. Minimizing the victimhood of innocent men is simply wrong. It is immoral, it is unfair, it is unjust. And let us be candid, some feminists minimize the victimhood of those falsely accused of rape out of a sense of "pay back," and out of a refusal to look at false rape victims as fully human.

Men concerned with false rape claims need to acknowledge that the law previously was not fair to women, and as a result, too many women were victimized by a crime that the law did not recognize.

But that fact has nothing to do with the innocent men who today are falsely accused of rape.

Here is the most important point: Acknowledging the problem of wrongful rape claims, and trying to eradicate such claims, does not in any way suggest a return to the days when women could be forced to submit to sex without their consent. The one has nothing to do with the other.

We all need to have enough humanity in our souls to realize, and to acknowledge, that some people's suffering is not more valid than others'. This Web site focuses on false rape claims simply because the victims of such claims have very few persons giving them a voice.