Wednesday, December 3, 2008

This is what passes for "scholarship" in the feminist sexual assault community

Some University of New Hampshire faculty wrote: "We conducted a research study on the UNH campus in 2000 that found that 21 percent of female students and 10 percent of male students in the sample reported some type of unwanted sexual experience during part of one academic year (from September to March)."

That, of course, proves nothing. It certainly doesn't prove rape or sexual assault. An "unwanted sexual experience" is in no manner the test for rape. "Unwanted" does not tell if the "victim" manifested assent, it connotes a subjective feeling. The test for rape is whether the purported rapist reasonably believes you consent to the activity. The purported "victim's" secret, subjective, private whims are of no import.

If a girlfriend playfully puts her hand on her boyfriend's butt in the mall, the boyfriend might recoil out of embarrassment and quickly remove it. That action would be included as one of the "unwanted" statistics in this inane, worthless study. How utterly ludicrous. How vapid and anti-scholarly. The sole purpose of such "scholarship" is to fan the flames of rape hysteria because when they spread this nonsense, it makes it sound as if rape is rampant.