Monday, December 22, 2008


The next time someone tells you women don't lie about rape, show them Michaela Britton's story as Exhibit "A". Oh, and then have them spend several hours reviewing the false rape claims made just this year alone, as recorded in major newspapers and as chronicled in this Web site.

Four years is a good sentence, and maybe now some liars will start to be deterred.

Here is Ms. Britton's story:

Fantasist 'cry rape mother' who wasted 7,000 police hours and cost taxpayers £300,000 is jailed

A 'dangerous fantasist' who wasted more than £300,000 and 7,000 hours of police time, was today jailed for four years.

Mother-of-one Michaela Britton, 40, was found guilty of perverting justice after six months of bizarre false allegations, which included tying herself up, slashing herself with a blade and arranging her car to be shot at.

A court today heard how the case wasted more than 7,000 hours and cost taxpayers a massive £316,000.

Among her 'whopping lies', she told police she was being blackmailed over an explicit pornographic video with an anti-terrorist Metropolitan Police officer.

Britton, a loss adjuster for an insurance firm, also claimed her boss put a gun to her head after spurning his advances.

The investigation cost 'thousands' of police and prosecutor hours and costing thousands of pounds.

Branding her a dangerous fantasist, Judge David Turner said: 'You're 40 years old and as the prosecution has suggested you are a dangerous fantasist.

'Your conduct has been pathological and profoundly and protractedly wasteful of police resources.

'The schedule suggests of the order of 7000 man hours and the cost to the public is in excess of £300,000.

'You have made a wide variety of frankly bizarre allegations against a number of individuals, in particular police officers in Essex.'

Chelmsford Crown Court heard how Britton even slashed herself and tied herself up to make her lies seem more credible.

At the end of a month-long trial the jury took less than half a day to reach a unaninmous guilty verdict.

Judge David Turner QC branded it one of the 'strangest' cases he had tried and praised the jury for coming to the right verdict.

During the trial, the court heard how her teenage daughter rang police on April 14 2006 to say her mother was in trouble.

Officers from Essex Police found her in Great Waltham, Essex, with her hands and feet bound in the back of a Volkswagen Golf in a 'hysterical state'

Two weeks later, the court heard how a police officer was called to reports of a female being stabbed and discovered Britton in her car with a bleeding arm.

She claimed four men approached her in her car and said one held a knife and slashed her arm.
However, a report Home Office pathologist Dr David Rouse concluded the wounds were self inflicted.

On May 27, 2006, Britton arrived at a stranger's house on a country lane near West Hanningfield, Essex, with her hands bound and her bra ripped.

She told the woman she had been raped twice by a knife-wielding attacker, the court was told.
Ramiz Gursoy, prosecuting, said: 'Britton was medically examined. There was no supporting evidence of any rape.'

By June, detectives were getting suspicious of Britton and installed CCTV outside her partner Mick Murray's house in Chelmsford, Essex, where she often visited.

But on June 21, 2006, a teacher at King's Norton School in Birmingham rang police to say they found Britton, with her hands tied behind her back in the car park of the school claiming she had been kidnapped, the court heard.

Britton told police she had been snatched the night before by a gun-wielding kidnapper from her home.

The 40-year-old also claimed she had been bundled her into the back of a van where she was drugged and held overnight.

However, the court heard the CCTV installed at the house recorded Britton leaving the house alone at 7.30pm and her partner Mr Murray returning home later that evening.

It is alleged that throughout the allegations, Britton had the help of a former partner Paul Hendle.

Mr Gursoy said: 'There were no kidnappers or rapists, she was making it all up.'
On another occasion, she even pointed the finger at her line manager Alan Savage, who was employed at Churchill Insurance, Romford, claiming he attacked her with a gun after spurning his advances.

Britton said she was also being blackmailed for £10,000 over a pornographic film stolen from her home in which she starred with her former boyfriend 'Graham' an anti-terrorist Metropolitan Police Officer, who was wearing his uniform in the film.

Mr Gursoy said she was motivated by financial gain after falsely putting in an insurance claim for about £40,000 following a burglary.

She even claimed that her boss Mr Savage may have been responsible for the thefts as he held a grudge.

The prosecution said Essex Police spent 'thousands' of hours investigating 15 incidents over a six-month period between February and August 2006.

The court heard how Britton had a previous conviction from 1990 for obtaining property by deception when 61 other offences were taken into account.

Chief Inspector Glenn Maleary, Essex Police, said: 'Out of greed and the pursuit of a fraudulent insurance claim, Michaela Britton spun a web of lies and deceit putting a risk the liberty of innocent people.

'Investigating her fantasy stories and ultimately bringing her to justice has taken thousands of hours of police and prosecutors' time.

'Credit goes to investigators whose tenacity brought to an end the actions of this creative and serial con artist.

'Despite overwhelming evidence Britton continued in her fantasy world, causing distress to named individuals by alleging others were at fault and not her.

'During the trial Britton attempted to tarnish the good reputation of Essex Police and individual officers.

'In her continued pursuit of greed, she had falsely claimed to be the victim of some of the most serious crimes possible and in doing so, betrayed the true victims and other members of the public by denying them access to valuable Essex Police resources.

'I feel it is a shame this woman has gone to such extreme levels to convince the police, her friends and family that her lies were true.

'However, I'm delighted the court process has listened intently to her case and reached this conclusion.'