Saturday, December 6, 2008

Innocent men have no greater responsibility to prevent rape than innocent women

Remember in a recent post we opined that feminists say women have no responsibility for stopping rape, only men do? We said:

Let's accept the proposition that the innocent bear no responsibility for stopping the evildoers, that it is the evildoers alone who must bear responsibility. If that is so, why are feminists so quick to insist that innocent men -- you know, the vast majority of males who do not rape -- must be part of the solution to end it?

If we are singling out the innocent, why are men alone singled out to be "part of the solution"?

Sounds like asymmetrical gender blaming to me. Actually, it doesn't just "sound" like it -- it is asymmetrical gender blaming.

We concluded: Newsflash: Rapists are responsible for rape. Not innocent women -- even the multitude who purposefully arouse men; and not innocent men, even the multitude who like to be aroused by women.

Well, I've pulled from the archives an example of a woman who says that men alone have responsibility to stop rape. Men -- not women -- need to learn rape prevention. She says: "Almost every poster and piece of literature about rape is aimed at a female audience. But it makes no sense because rape is not a woman's fault." And: "I wanted to know the guy's point of view. So, I asked my friend's boyfriend, 'What were you taught in school about rape?' 'Rape is wrong,' he said. It sounded like he was quoting from a textbook. 'How do you prevent rape?,' I asked. 'Well, girls shouldn't walk alone after dark and they should be careful that they don't drink too much at parties,' he said. "I think you misunderstood me,' I replied, 'How do YOU prevent rape?' He didn't have an answer. Can you believe that?

This woman's argument suffers from one fatal flaw: she assumed the poor male she harassed must be a rapist. Because he's male.

Newsflash, Ms. rape crusader: only rapists can prevent rape. Innocent people can minimize it by taking precautions. But to suggest that innocent men, the vast majority of whom are not rapists, thank you very much, have any greater responsibility to prevent rape than innocent women is absurdly sexist and seeks to hold all men responsible for a crime that only a very small percentage commit. There is a word for such stereotyping: prejudice. In any other context, it is ugly, immoral, and unnacceptable. How dare you condemn an entire gender based on the malefactions of a few.

Now you see what I was talking about in my previous post.