Monday, December 8, 2008

Girl who caused 'a person's worst nigthmare' faces no charges

Inexplicable. Another teenager falsely cried "rape," and this time -- as happens not infrequently -- it had the potential to destroy an innocent man's life. The man's name has been splashed all over the news, and there will always be some people who insist that "something" must have happened even though the only actual crime was a girl's lie. Do you think this man will have an easy time getting a job in the future? The man described his ordeal as a person's "worst nightmare," as is common for men falsely accused of this vile crime.

Yet the girl received no jail time. Not one day. None.

And she gets to retain her anonymity forever.

Let us ask ourselves very seriously: would a boy the same age who was having sex with his girlfriend but who failed to withdraw for a few seconds after she changed her mind and told him to "stop" be spared jail time if convicted? Most unlikely. And who do you think would suffer the greater harm? A man such as the one in this news story below, or the girl in the hypothetical? The man. And his family. No question.

Or consider a boy who committed sexual assault because, like the girl in this story, he was "troubled." Do you think he would be given "counseling" and excused from jail time? Not a chance. The boy's life would be ruined. He would not see significant jail time -- possibly decades -- and thereafter he'd be forced to register as a sex offender forever, and be precluded from living in most decent areas. He'd likely find himself either in trouble for failing to completely abide by the harsh restrictions imposed on "sex offenders," or find himself -- as so many men in similar situations find themselves -- living under a bridge. All because male sexuality is demonized by a hysterical culture. A culture that regards a boy's "crime" of delaying a few seconds to withdraw from intercourse after a girl changes her mind as far worse than the lie of a girl the same age that nearly destroys a man, and his family, and causes them turmoil as terrible as anything on earth short of torture.

That tells you everything you need to know to understand that there is something terribly, terribly wrong with this culture, and with our refusal to regard men and boys as anything other than animals when someone even accuses them of sexual wrongdoing.


Girl who made false rape claim won't face charges

SPOKANE - The girl who wrongly accused Ferris high school boy's basketball coach Don Van Lierop of rape is not expected to face any criminal charges, according to Spokane Police.

Detectives exonerated Van Lierop Thursday afternoon, more than two-weeks after the 16-year-old girl and her mother made the accusation.

The girl's attorney admits she fabricated the whole story.

Van Lierop will return to practice Friday, but will not return to teaching until Monday because a substitute had already been arranged.

Van Lierop released the following statement Friday through his attorney:

"The past two weeks of my life, and the life of my family, can only be described as a person's worst nightmare. Any husband, father, coach or teacher can only imagine what a person and his family go through when falsely accused of this kind of conduct.

I hope and pray that everyone who has heard about these false allegations will also learn that I have been fully and completely cleared of all allegations, and understand that I have been the victim of horrific lies.

I am looking foward to returning to my teaching and coaching duties at Ferris High School. I have dedicated my life to helping students and athletes become responsible citizens in the future, and will continue to do so."

The girl who made the accusation is currently undergoing counseling, according to attorneys.
Spokane Police will hold a news conference Friday afternoon to discuss the case and release the police report. Because the accuser is a minor, and is not expected to face charges, it's unlikely her name will be released.

The girl no longer attends Ferris High School.