Tuesday, December 9, 2008

From the archives: An example of a feminist who refused to admit the Duke lacrosse rape accusation was false

Here is an example of a feminist who refused to admit that the Duke lacrosse rape allegations were false.

After the Duke lacrosse players were declared "innocent" by the state's attorney general (his word, not mine), feminists reacted with denial, anger and disappointment. Think about that: some radical feminists apparently would have preferred the accuser to have been brutally raped (or to have the accuser's lie go undetected) as opposed to having the three young men declared "innocent."

Three totally innocent young men were released from a year-long hell, and the only thing that some radical feminists could muster was to angrily deny that the accusations were false or to declare that "something must have happened" the night of the alleged rape. This despite the fact that irrefutable evidence shows that nothing happened.

You see, they had the perfect narrative -- privileged young white male athletes, a poor struggling black woman trying to make her way in the world -- except there was no rape.

Oh, yes, there was a crime -- the woman made a false police report, but I didn't hear a single radical feminist condemn it. Not one.

Is there a better indication of their utter contempt for men and boys wrongly accused of rape?

That may be the saddest, most twisted aspect of that entire case. It is symptomatic of the gender divisive and dysfunctional "rape culture" these unbalanced women have manufactured that presumes rampant, unpunished male subjugation of females. Their misandry has blinded them to the point that they can't even bring themselves to feel happiness for the innocent young men and their families, friends and girlfriends after a nightmare that no innocent person should be forced to endure.

The truly terrible thing is that the vast majority of men loathe and detest rapists. But most men also want false rape claims to be called for what they are -- lies -- and I believe most women share that desire. The feminists do a grave disservice to their mission of raising awareness about rape when they pretend that false claims are not false claims. When they do this, they pit most men and women against the far left fringe zealots for whom truth is secondary to an ideology of victimhood.

And you know the zealots I'm referencing: the ones who say, the innocent be damned.