Monday, December 1, 2008

An example of what is NOT rape

We dip into the archives to pull out an example of how some feminists have confused rape with feminists' overall vague but angry feelings of victimhood. As we've written here, the feminist rape culture actively encourages young women to manufacture rape out of whole cloth by teaching them to transmogrify things that aren't rape into rape. This culture breeds, engenders and foments false rape claims.

Some years ago, a Penn student named Marissa Engel wrote this classic man-hating letter to the editor of The Daily Pennsylvanian. In it she says this: "Rape is not a foreign felony unique to 'bad neighborhoods' and made for-TV movies. It's everyday words women feel like daggers when men tell them they're weak and dumb. It's disgrace when the only attributes a woman's judged on are the curve of her hips and the size of her bust. It's ears that refuse to listen to a woman's voice. "

A response letter, found here, wrote the following: "I was infuriated by the sarcasm and hostility directed towards men written between the lines in Marissa Engel's letter. Hating men won't make rape go away." In addition: "As a woman, I fully agree rape is a horrible crime that needs to be addressed. However, using the word rape to encompass whistling, honking and pinching undermines the seriousness of the word. Rape is a strong word describing a serious crime. Statements like "Rape is not a foreign felony: It's everyday words," that include verbal insults in the definition of the word rape trivialize its meaning."

The response letter is correct. Ms. Engel's inane blather is wrong because she trivializes rape by including verbal insults in her definition of rape, and even more fundamentally, because verbal insults are not rape.

So if a college boy tells Marissa she's dumb, she can run to the SANE nurse and cry rape, right?

What sort of culture do we live in where such idiocy is even printed, much less taken seriously? Is it any wonder false rape claims are so prevalent?