Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Another police officer who thinks the real harm of false rape claims is wasting police time

In the news story below, we once again have a police officer who thinks the real harm of a false rape claim is the fact that it wastes police time.

Gee, officer, you should spend a few hours reading the true life accounts of false rape claims on this Web site if you want to learn the real harm of false rape claims -- the real harm is to men and boys whose lives are often destroyed because of a lie.


Woman makes false rape claim

Police caution her for wasting their time

A woman who falsely claimed she had been raped has been cautioned by police.

The 19-year-old was arrested and given the caution on Sunday after admitting she had invented the case.

She had made the allegation on Monday October 27 prompting a police investigation.

Chief Insp Ray Summers said: "Rape is a crime which destroys people's lives and we do everything in our power to ensure real offenders are bought to justice."When someone makes false accusations like this they are diverting our resources away from real victims of crime who genuinely need our help.

"Anyone who wastes police time in this way will be held to account for their actions."