Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Two more teens lie that they were raped

Court could charge Marshfield girls who claimed they were raped

MARSHFIELD — The girls initially told police that a Marshfield Fair carnival worker raped and assaulted them at one of their homes in Marshfield.

But they changed their stories a few days later. The 14-year-old told police that she had consensual sex with the carnival worker and that her 13-year-old friend was lying when she told police she had sex with him.

Now, four months after the alleged incident, police are asking the court to charge the teenagers with filing false police reports.

On Wednesday, Marshfield police filed an application in Plymouth District Court, seeking a clerk magistrate’s hearing in juvenile court. A clerk magistrate will determine whether to charge the girls, who were 13 and 14 last summer, with filing false police reports.

On Aug. 17, the two girls told police that a carnival worker, Jeffrey Witham of Oxford, Maine, raped them and held them against their will in one of their homes.

Witham, now 19, spent five days in jail on $150,000 bail after his arrest. He was released on personal recognizance after prosecutors dropped some of the charges against him.

A Marshfield Police Department report indicated that the 14-year-old told officers she had consensual sex with Witham. Sex – even consensual sex – with a person that young is a felony in Massachusetts.

The 14-year-old also told police that her friend did not have sex with Witham and was lying in several of the statements she made. One of Witham’s defense lawyers said the 14-year-old told the younger girl to stop lying about it.

The 13-year-old girl maintained that she was raped by Witham, but said she had trouble remembering everything that happened that night.

Witham still faces one count of rape of a child with force, two counts of rape of a child and one count of indecent assault and battery on a person under 14.

Defense attorney Michael Bergeron said Witham is encouraged by the latest development in the case but frustrated because the pending charges have prevented him from getting a job.

Bergeron said Witham, who had no criminal record, has been unable to join the military because of the case. He has been helping out his family around the house.

Bergeron said he plans to ask a judge in January to dismiss the case in district court. Witham has not been indicted in Superior Court. The case cannot be tried in district court because of the nature of the charges, Bergeron said.

“He’s certainly very happy. All he ever wanted is for the truth to come out,” Bergeron said. “He’s horrified this developed into what it has as a result of the girls’ bad decision making. He never envisioned all of this.”


Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Rape accusers should be publicly named

We now take it as a given that the names of rape accusers are not reported by the news media. There is no fuss made about it, little if any protest.

Why do we accept this?

In fact, such special treatment for rape accusers is not fair and serves no legitimate purpose except to assuage feminists who insist that women be afforded special victim status because, they posit, women in general are victimized, oppressed, and subjugated by the sexual tyranny of men in general.

Years ago, Professor Alan M. Dershowitz succinctly summed up the infirmities afflicting such special treatment: "People who have gone to the police and publicly invoked the criminal process and accused somebody of a serious crime such as rape must be identified," said Alan M. Dershowitz, a professor at Harvard Law School. "In this country there is no such thing and should not be such a thing as anonymous accusation. If your name is in court it is a logical extension that it should be printed in the media. How can you publish the name of the presumptively innocent accused but not the name of the accuser?"

Mr. Dershowitz continued: "Feminists cannot have it both ways. They have persuaded us that rape victims should not be singled out for special treatment. Yet that is what many of them want from news organizations."

The presumptively innocent accused -- many of whom are factually innocent -- will be forever tainted as "possible rapists" even if the charges are dropped. Unlike virtually any other crime, rape is a crime that often cannot be entirely disproven. The mere allegation of rape by any female, without any other evidence and no matter how far-fetched, invites a man's name to be splashed all over the newspaper, TV, radio and Internet for the world to titillate at the details of his humiliation. A rape accusation carries with it a stigma unlike any other alleged crime. Men and boys falsely accused of rape have been killed, have killed themselves, have been beaten, have been fired from their jobs, have seen their businesses destroyed, and have lost their wives and girlfriends.

Yet it's OK to report their names, but not their accusers' names.

Those feminists who contend that reporting names of accusers will only discourage women from coming forward to report rape are the same ones who claim women aren't coming forward now anyway. And please note that women are not coming forward despite a multitude of efforts and special treatment afforded to rape accusers that are afforded to no other alleged crime victim. Such efforts are designed to make it much, much easier for rape accusers to come forward, including: guaranteeing the accuser anonymity; the enactment of Rape Shield Laws; insisting that police undergo special sensitivity training to deal with rape accusers; insisting that rape accusers not be subjected to polygraphs; and the ready availability of sexual assault advocates largely paid for by the tax and tuition dollars of the gender from which the accused rapists come from.

Despite all of that, the feminists still insist that underreporting is rampant. They make this claim with a straight face by relying on unreliable statistics culled from polls of women that purportedly show that rape is rampant. The trouble is that these polls count certain incidents as "rape" that are not legally rape. Moreover, the feminists assume, without question, that the women queried for these polls must be telling the truth in furnishing their answers when, in fact, the percentage of women who lie in these polls is likely much higher even than the percentage of women who lie when they actually report rape -- after all, reporting rape is said to be a difficult thing; in contrast, bragging to a pollster that guys find you so irresistible that they force themselves on you is very, very easy to do. And finally the polls from which these statistics are culled do not even bother questioning males or taking their defenses into account. Why is this? Because only males and not females lie when it comes to rape? The validity of male defenses -- e.g., that the woman consented, etc. -- is not even acknowledged as a possibility in these inane polls.

Every effort to make it easier for women to accuse men and boys of rape has been met with continued cries that too few women "come forward" and too few "rapists" are convicted. Anonymity is one of those efforts that just isn't enough.

We have now reached the point where the only effort that would satisfy many feminists is to allow rape accusers the unfettered right to find the male accused legally guilty of the crime.

But the feminists probably still would not be satisfied unless they had the right to personally castrate the alleged offender.

Never too young to make a false rape claim

Newark girl makes up rape story

A 14-year-old girl who told police she was abducted and raped while walking home from the library last week has been charged with filing a false report.

Newark police said the teen was charged on Monday – one week after she told police she had been grabbed from the street and sexually assaulted over a three-hour period.

According to police, the girl claimed to have been walking home from the University of Delaware’s Morris Library on South College Avenue at about 8 p.m. on Dec. 15 when she noticed she was being followed by a car.

She told police she began to run but was struck by the vehicle.

The girl claimed two men then got out of the car and forced her inside, while covering her mouth to prevent her from screaming.

The girl claimed then men dropped her off without her shoes at a Park and Ride near the intersection of Route 7 and Route 273 about three hours later.

The girl reported walking to a home in the 100 block of East Main Street in Christiana, where a homeowner alerted authorities.

Police began their investigation into the girl’s story after being called to Christiana Hospital where she was being treated.

Investigators later determined the girl’s story was a fabrication based on inconsistencies in her account of the incident, including her inability to identify her attacker or street from where she claimed to have been abducted.

Newark police said this week that they are also investigating suspicious claims made by a 17-year-old Newark High School student.

The teen told police he drove over to the University Courtyard apartments in the 300 block of Scholar Drive last Wednesday morning because he was running late for school and had troubling finding a parking spot.

The teen said he had just exited his car when three men wearing ski masks approached him and began demanding he empty his pockets. The teen claimed that one of the men punched him in his face before stealing his wallet and cell phone.

Police said they became suspicious of the teen’s story after he told them he went home after the mugging and did not report the incident to anyone for more than six hours.


Another he said/she said rape accusation; he's acquitted, so why isn't she put on trial for making a false police report?

This story is out of Leicestershire County, UK. Another he said-she said dispute. One or the other of these two committed a crime -- either rape or making a false police report. She charged him with rape, and he was arrested and brought to trial. The jury acquitted him. He charged her with lying, but it is almost certain no charges will be brought against her.

Double standard? Damn right. Her possible crime is swept under the rug. Only he is put through the hell of a trial.


Man cleared over rape claim

A man has been cleared of raping a 17-year-old girl in his car.

Mark Watson told police that the girl had told "a pack of lies" and had consented to sex.

The 31-year-old, who chose not to give evidence in his defence at Leicester Crown Court, had initially denied there was any sexual contact between them when arrested, but after being charged he admitted they did have sex.

A jury found him innocent after he insisted the girl had agreed to what had taken place.

Mr Watson told the police: "I feel sick to the stomach with what I've been accused of. Under no circumstances was it rape."

In interview, he said they had met for the first time at a mutual friend's house in Loughborough and he had offered her a lift home in the early hours of July 19.

Mr Watson, of Loughborough Road, Quorn, told the police: "She started coming on to me, and in the end I just gave in."

He said they also smoked cannabis together before having sex in his car, parked near Loughborough's Derby Road playing fields.

He then dropped her off at her home in the town afterwards.

Three days later, he met the girl at the same friend's house and she again accepted his offer of a lift.

Mr Watson said that on the second journey, the girl again made advances towards him, but he had refused. He said it was then that she threatened to make a false allegation of rape against him.

Mr Watson told the police after his arrest: "If I'd raped her on the Friday, there's no way she'd get back in my car the following Monday."

Giving evidence during the trial, the teenager alleged he had pinned her down in the front passenger seat and forced her to have sex, ignoring her pleas to be taken home.

Mr Watson had lied to the police as he did not want another girl he was in love with to hear he'd had sex with the teenager, the court heard.

The girl told the court she accepted the second lift as she did not want the friend whose house she was at to know she had been attacked.


Monday, December 29, 2008

Beware of feminists bearing statistics on false rape claims

We reach back into the archives to pull out a landmark article from the Columbia Journalism Review that cautions against trusting persons who posit a definite percentage for false rape claims. The range of statistics tossed about for false rape claims vary wildly. The numbers are elusive, the "truth" can't be pinned down with certainty. One thing that is certain: the percentage of false rape claims is significant -- whether it be nine percent or, as is more likely, closer to 50%. The lessons this article teaches are as true now as they were when it appeared in 1997.

A few comments before getting to the article:

The sexual grievance industry is, of course, notorious for tossing about, with absolute certainty, the erroneous statistic that only two percent of all rape claims are false, a figure that has been thoroughly discredited. See e.g., this law review article, which traced the canard to its baseless origin, or this piece (". . . no study has ever been published which sets forth an evidentiary basis for the ‘two percent false rape complaint’ thesis . . . .")

Unfortunately, no amount of objectively verifiable scholarship debunking this erroneous statistic likely will ever cause its advocates to back away from it. These persons seem less interested in "facts" than advancing their ideological view of the world. Sadly, despite the lessons of the article below directed to journalists, reporters continue to rely exclusively on whatever they are told by a member of the paid sexual assault industry -- and they are invariably told that the percentage of false rape claims is two percent or some similar almost non-existent number.

Unfortunately, as the article below states, here is the truth about the use of statistics in this area: ". . . there's also a strong political tilt to the debate." As shown repeatedly on this Web site, the public discourse in this area is dominated by extremists who never met a rape claim it didn't believe on it face.

Fathers advocate Glenn Sacks succinctly sums up the feminist position on this issue: ". . . the accuser's story is always 'the truth' and giving consideration to the accused's explanations-- 'the sex was consensual,' etc.--is just 'indulging male entitlement over women's freedom.'"

Thus we have reached a state in our current "rape culture" where true victims of actual crimes -- men falsely accused of rape -- are ignored or told to go away, their victimization minimized. Although false reporting of rape is a crime whose victims are almost exclusively male, the entire discussion in this area has become so embroiled in the politicized sexual assault milieu that even mentioning it as a potentially significant problem for men is verboten because such view does not conform to a PC rape metanarrative that insists women, in general, are sexually tyrannized, oppressed, and subjugated by men in general. When the crime of false rape reporting is discussed at all, it is almost always discussed through a gynocentric lens that blinks at the harm it causes innocent men. Misinformation is the engine that drives this culture of female victimization, and rape hysteria and the minimization of false rape claims are its noxious emissions.

In fact, the crime of false reporting of rape may be unique among all the crimes in all the criminal codes because virtually the entire public discourse about it is dominated by persons who insist it is not a serious public threat, and they cite these phony statistics to support their claim.

In other words, they lie to advance a political objective.

Denigrating the experience of the falsely accused by dismissing their victimization as a "myth," as these angry zealots do, is not merely dishonest but morally grotesque.


The Elusive Numbers on False Rape

by Dick Haws
Haws teaches journalism at Iowa State University.

Readers of The Kansas City Star were told last March that, according to police estimates, perhaps 25 percent of all rape reports nationwide are false.

But in Dallas, two months before that, the Morning News reported police findings that 6.2 percent of the 793 rapes in that city in 1995 (the most recent year available) were considered false.

And in Louisville, six months earlier, the author of an op-ed article in The Courier-Journal told readers that the percentage of rape reports that turn out to be false was the same nationally as for other major crimes - around 2 percent.

So how can one presumably simple statistic vary so widely? Because the number depends on whom you ask.

If you talk to sexual assault counselors, you'll most likely hear the low figure: that 2 percent of all accusations of sexual assault reported to law enforcement across the country are later found to be false, which, the counselors say, is the same rate as for other crimes. Of all the numbers out there, this has been cited most often, appearing in publications from The Boston Globe to the Houston Chronicle, The Christian Science Monitor, the Minneapolis Star Tribune, Newsweek, and Editor & Publisher.

Sometimes the figure is attributed to a particular source ? but that's still no guarantee the numbers can't be challenged. Marcia L. Roth, the author of the 1996 op-ed article in the Louisville Courier-Journal, attributed the 2 percent rate to the 1993 book Rape, the Misunderstood Crime, by Julie Allison and Lawrence Wrightsman. But Allison and Wrightsman weren't so unequivocal. Noting that the frequency of false rape reports is difficult to assess, they didn't do their own study; instead they looked at a synthesis of research findings from a 1979 book, Understanding the Rape Victim, by Sedelle Katz and Mary Ann Mazur. Katz and Mazur, it turns out, had reviewed studies dating back to 1956 that showed the frequency of unfounded and false rape reports ranging from a low of 1 percent to a high of 25 percent. Allison and Wrightsman simply chose the study that showed 2 percent.

Another named source for the 2 percent figure has been Against Our Will, the groundbreaking book on sexual violence by Susan Brownmiller published in 1975. She was reporting on the phenomenon that in New York City, the rate of false accusations dropped "dramatically" to 2 percent as soon as the police began using policewomen instead of men to interview complainants.
Sometimes the 2 percent figure appears without any attribution. It simply floats out there, as in a 1994 article in the Houston Chronicle that cites a women's center official as the source for the false-rape-report figure of "between 2 and 3 percent." Period. And sometimes the attribution is vague but credible-sounding, like "federal statistics" or "the FBI." In 1992, The Boston Globe reported that a rape counselor stated the 2 percent rate for false reporting of rapes is the same as for false reports of other crimes - "according to the FBI."

But the FBI has been saying since 1991 that the annual rate for the false reporting of forcible sexual assault across the country has been a consistent 8 percent (through 1995, the most recent year available). That's four times higher than the average of the false-reporting rates of the other crimes tracked by the FBI in its Uniform Crime Report. The agency's guidelines define a report as false when an investigation determines that no offense occurred. A complainant's failure or refusal to cooperate in the investigation does not, by itself, lead to a finding of false report.

If you look to academe for such studies about false reports, you'll come across the unusually high percentage found by the Purdue University sociologist Eugene J. Kanin, now retired. In an examination of rape reports from 1978 to 1987 in an unnamed midwestern city of 70,000, he found that of the 109 rapes reported to the police, 45, or 41 percent, were subsequently classified as false. Kanin also got the police records of two unnamed large state universities and found that in three years, 50 percent of the 64 rapes reported to campus police were determined to be false.

One explanation for such a wide range in the statistics might simply be that they come from different studies of different populations at different times. But there's also a strong political tilt to the debate. A low number would undercut a belief about rape as old as the story of Joseph and Potiphar's wife: that some women, out of shame or vengeance or, more recently, the desire to circumvent restrictions on their ability to get or pay for an abortion, claim that their consensual encounters or rebuffed advances were rapes. If the number is high, on the other hand, advocates for women who have been raped worry it may also taint the credibility of the genuine victims of sexual assault.

Yet the times may be changing, and while some women still make false charges, true rape victims don't seem to be feeling the backlash. The Kansas City Star reported as much when it assessed the impact earlier this year of the false rape complaint lodged against Michael Irvin and Erik Williams of the Dallas Cowboys. "We're not having any fallout," a Dallas sexual abuse counselor told the Star in March. "Had this been twenty years ago, I would have really worried about it."

It's obvious every one of these numbers has its shortcoming. Defenders of low rates of "false reports" generally base their opinions on studies that, for the most part, are more than twenty years old. Since then, there's been a virtual revolution in the way the police and the courts respond to sexual assault.

The FBI's numbers have also been criticized on several grounds, including the bureau's assumption that all 16,765 police agencies across the country have carefully and uniformly followed its guidelines for judging a rape "unfounded." That's simply not likely.

And some of the studies are obviously limited. Kanin of Purdue warned against reading too much into his examination of the small midwestern city: "Certainly our intent is not to suggest that the 41 percent incidence found here be extrapolated to other populations, particularly in light of our ignorance regarding the structural variables."

For the reporter, the conclusion is clear. Don't rely on one source. Talk to the local sexual assault counselors, talk to the local police, talk to the FBI, talk to the academics. Try to make some sense out of all the different numbers. And be careful.


A false rape accuser faces jail after trying to shake down a celebrity

Michael Flatley false rape claim stripper faces jail

A former exotic dancer, who falsely accused Michael Flatley of rape, has been told by an American judge that she faces jail unless she cooperates with his lawyers as they seek to recover $11m in damages.

Tyna Marie Robertson tried to extort $30m (€21m) from the Riverdance star after saying she would go public with false allegations that he had sexually assaulted her in a Las Vegas hotel in 2002.

She was arrested at her home in an affluent suburb of Chicago on Monday, after failing to appear for a court date.

Robertson was later brought before Cook County judge Alexander White who told her she must cooperate with Mr Flatley's lawyers who are seeking documentation of her assets.

"This is your get-out-of-jail pass. If there is no cooperation . . . We are talking about civil contempt. I will put you in county jail for six months. No questions asked," he added.

Mr Flatley, who is out of the country at the moment, has said he fought Robertson's claims in order to help protect other celebrities from malicious, money-orientated claims. He has vowed to donate any money recovered from the former stripper to charity.

His lawyers had asked the court that she be held in contempt after failing to attend a court date on December 10.

Robertson claimed that she had not received notice of the hearing.

However Mr Flatley's attorney, Ariel Weissberg, said he would ask that she be kept in jail if she continued pressing the issue.

"She should stop while she's ahead," he added.

Mr Flatley was in Las Vegas in 2002 to celebrate the Venetian Casino's acquisition of his 'Lord of the Dance' show when he met Robertson.


He said their relationship on the night of October 19 was "entirely voluntary and consensual".

About a month later she went to the Las Vegas police and accused Mr Flatley of rape. However when officers began investigating her claims, Robertson refused to make a formal statement.

It later emerged that her lawyer, Dean Mauro, had offered to settle the matter and avoid publicity if Mr Flatley paid his accuser $30m.

The dancer immediately contacted the FBI when the demand for money was made.

He later lodged a $100m counter suit against Robertson and Mauro in response to the multi-million dollar civil rape lawsuit.

Mauro has since been disbarred from practising law for a year for his role in the episode.

Robertson, who attempted to take a similar case against a Chicago doctor, is currently suing American football star Brian Urlacher in a high-profile paternity case.


Friday, December 26, 2008

New film 'Doubt' tells much about our 'rape culture,' none of it good for innocent men

John Patrick Shanley's award winning play "Doubt" has been transferred to the big screen with Meryl Streep as Sister Aloysius, the constipated, fire-breathing principal of a Catholic grade school in 1964 who accuses Father Flynn, a charismatic parish priest well played by Philip Seymour Hoffman, of child molestation despite the fact that there is not a shred of evidence to support her accusation.

I say "not a shred" with apologies to a host of major film critics who suggest, without citing any evidence -- because there is none -- that Father Flynn's guilt or innocence is "unresolved."

Whatever its merits as a play that clearly was intended to be "provocative," at least in the screen adaptation there simply is no doubt in "Doubt." Instead we are presented with a nutty, self-righteous woman (Streep) who doesn't merely jump to conclusions, she leaps, bounds and soars to them. She admits she has no evidence for besmirching a good man's reputation, just her own "certainty." Her otherwise hateful and overblown reactions to life's innocuous moments should, of course, raise a red flag with respect to any such accusation: she whacks the backs of boys' heads (but not girls') for the slightest infraction, and she thinks that "Frosty the Snowman" is heresy because a magic hat brings a snowman to life. While Father Flynn wants to figuratively open the windows of the church and let in the winds of change, Sister Aloysius wants to keep them shut, hence the running metaphor of Streep slamming closed the window in her office to keep the wind out. Discontented that "men run everything," Sister Aloysius insists that Father Flynn must be guilty of molestation despite his fervent and credible denials because he has taken a kindly interest in the only black boy in the school, a pathetic, friendless lad whose father beats him.

With all due respect to the enlightened film critics -- who, as a class, seem to think that elliptical prose makes them appear to be thoughtful -- Father Flynn's guilt or innocence is not "unresolved." There was no evidence for the accusation to begin with, so exactly how could it be "unresolved" at the end? Unless, of course, the mere accusation of sexual misconduct against a man, no matter how groundless, is sufficient to leave his innocence "unresolved."

I thought so.

Of course, the very nature of such an accusation does not allow an innocent man the ability to rule out with 100 percent certainty that "something" possibly, might have, could have happened -- because the absence of physical evidence is often not determinative. And for too many seemingly educated persons, the absence of probative evidence tending to show guilt is, for some reason, never enough to "resolve" the question in the face of an unfounded accusation. In the end, the overriding question the film poses probably is not the one the author intended: since when did an accusation of sexual assault, admittedly proffered without evidence, become sufficient to taint a man as a potential rapist?

Sadly, in our hysterical rape culture, too many real-life men who are wrongly accused find themselves in exactly the same situation as Father Flynn, their innocence forever "unresolved" in the court of last resort, the court of public opinion.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Man arrested after wife falsely claims he raped her

Only when women are seriously punished for lying about rape will false rape claims stop. See the news story below.

Wife of KPD officer charged with falsely reporting rape

ROGERSVILLE — The estranged wife of recently exonerated Kingsport police officer Daniel Scott Lane has been arrested in connection with a false rape accusation she allegedly made against Lane last month.

Courtney Jo Lane, 30, 203 Hickory Hills Road, Church Hill, was charged Tuesday evening with filing a false report, a Class E felony punishable by one to two years in prison.

A domestic assault charge filed Nov. 20 against Daniel Lane, 32, of Kingsport, was dismissed Monday by Hawkins County Sessions Judge David Brand, reportedly at the request of Courtney Lane.

Following Monday’s court hearing, Courtney Lane was brought to the Hawkins County Sheriff’s Office, where she was questioned about differences in statements she’d made after her initial statement to police Nov. 20.

According to Courtney Lane’s arrest warrant filed by HCSO Detective Lt. Randy Collier, after deputies were called to her home the night of Nov. 20, she stated that she had been assaulted and raped by her husband. The two are separated.

Collier stated in the warrant that upon making the allegations, Courtney Lane was transported to Hawkins County Memorial Hospital, where a “rape kit” was administered.

Daniel Lane was charged with domestic assault, and a rape investigation was initiated by the HCSO.

Collier added that he was provided other evidence that Courtney Lane had “made a false statement in reporting that her husband had raped her when she knew it was a false statement and that it resulted in a response from law enforcement.”

“The defendant, after being read her rights, admitted that she lied about the rape and gave consent to their relations on the night of the incident,” Collier stated in the arrest warrant.

Daniel Lane had been on administrative leave with pay from the Kingsport Police Department since his arrest Nov. 20 but was reinstated back to active duty Tuesday.


Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Teen makes two false rape claims

Notice in the story below the aside about the recent case of a man falsely accused of rape who nearly beaten and stabbed to death.

The young woman central to the story below is becoming a serial false accuser and the courts need to deal with her more severely than a teen who makes an isolated false accusation. Nothing short of substantial jail time -- perhaps two years or more -- is appropriate.

Teen pleads in false rape case

An 18-year-old woman who twice falsely reported being raped by an unknown black man pleaded guilty to mischief Thursday.

April Ibbotson, of no fixed address, pleaded guilty to mischief by misleading police to believe she had been sexually assaulted June 21 and again July 24, both times in Owen Sound.

The claims prompted a week's worth of wasted investigative time, assistant Crown attorney Michael Martin said. The allegations also came within weeks of the near-fatal beating and stabbing of a black man wrongly accused of rape in downtown Owen Sound in late July.

Ibbotson also pleaded guilty to failing to attend court Nov 6. She turned herself in Nov. 11 and has been in jail since.

No sentencing recommendations were made Thursday. Ibbotson will be sentenced Dec. 18, when a presentence report on her circumstances is to be ready. Until then, she remains in custody.

Ibbotson's first false accusation occurred June 21, Martin said. She contacted Owen Sound police at 11 p. m. and reported that she had been approached from behind along 3rd Avenue West and was dragged near a fence at about 9:30 p. m. that night. She alleged her underpants were taken down and she was sexually assaulted.

She was examined in hospital. Police established a crime scene in the area where she said she'd been raped by a black man 6'3" or 6'4" inches tall, with a moustache and goatee. Police canvassed people in the area around 13th Street West and 3rd and 4th avenues.

Investigators grew suspicious due to "discrepancies" in her statements to police, Martin said.

When challenged to explain these differences, Ibbotson admitted she'd lied about being raped, Martin said.

Then on July 24 12:24 a. m., Ibbotson again reported to police she'd been raped by a man of similar description. She said she'd been dragged from the catwalk along 10th Street West and was sexually assaulted. She said she escaped and wasn't followed.

She also told police she'd spoken with someone named Brian at the top of the catwalk before heading home, Martin told the court.

Police established another crime scene, searched for forensic evidence there and sent Ibbotson to the hospital for an examination. She declined to go, however, saying she was tired, Martin said.

But police interviewed a white 16- year-old male who said he and Ibbotson had been together all evening and they'd had sex just off the catwalk prior to her going home that night.

On July 29 she was charged with two counts of mischief for misleading police.

Defence lawyer Jill Gamble confirmed Ibbotson accepted the Crown could prove its case against her on both charges and so Justice Julia Morneau accepted her guilty plea.

Ibbotson breached a term of bail granted on the mischief charges when she failed to attend court Nov. 6. She pleaded guilty and the plea was accepted.

Gamble requested a presentence report for Ibbotson, who has no criminal record. Ibbotson left the courtroom wiping away tears as she headed back to jail.


Monday, December 22, 2008


The next time someone tells you women don't lie about rape, show them Michaela Britton's story as Exhibit "A". Oh, and then have them spend several hours reviewing the false rape claims made just this year alone, as recorded in major newspapers and as chronicled in this Web site.

Four years is a good sentence, and maybe now some liars will start to be deterred.

Here is Ms. Britton's story:

Fantasist 'cry rape mother' who wasted 7,000 police hours and cost taxpayers £300,000 is jailed

A 'dangerous fantasist' who wasted more than £300,000 and 7,000 hours of police time, was today jailed for four years.

Mother-of-one Michaela Britton, 40, was found guilty of perverting justice after six months of bizarre false allegations, which included tying herself up, slashing herself with a blade and arranging her car to be shot at.

A court today heard how the case wasted more than 7,000 hours and cost taxpayers a massive £316,000.

Among her 'whopping lies', she told police she was being blackmailed over an explicit pornographic video with an anti-terrorist Metropolitan Police officer.

Britton, a loss adjuster for an insurance firm, also claimed her boss put a gun to her head after spurning his advances.

The investigation cost 'thousands' of police and prosecutor hours and costing thousands of pounds.

Branding her a dangerous fantasist, Judge David Turner said: 'You're 40 years old and as the prosecution has suggested you are a dangerous fantasist.

'Your conduct has been pathological and profoundly and protractedly wasteful of police resources.

'The schedule suggests of the order of 7000 man hours and the cost to the public is in excess of £300,000.

'You have made a wide variety of frankly bizarre allegations against a number of individuals, in particular police officers in Essex.'

Chelmsford Crown Court heard how Britton even slashed herself and tied herself up to make her lies seem more credible.

At the end of a month-long trial the jury took less than half a day to reach a unaninmous guilty verdict.

Judge David Turner QC branded it one of the 'strangest' cases he had tried and praised the jury for coming to the right verdict.

During the trial, the court heard how her teenage daughter rang police on April 14 2006 to say her mother was in trouble.

Officers from Essex Police found her in Great Waltham, Essex, with her hands and feet bound in the back of a Volkswagen Golf in a 'hysterical state'

Two weeks later, the court heard how a police officer was called to reports of a female being stabbed and discovered Britton in her car with a bleeding arm.

She claimed four men approached her in her car and said one held a knife and slashed her arm.
However, a report Home Office pathologist Dr David Rouse concluded the wounds were self inflicted.

On May 27, 2006, Britton arrived at a stranger's house on a country lane near West Hanningfield, Essex, with her hands bound and her bra ripped.

She told the woman she had been raped twice by a knife-wielding attacker, the court was told.
Ramiz Gursoy, prosecuting, said: 'Britton was medically examined. There was no supporting evidence of any rape.'

By June, detectives were getting suspicious of Britton and installed CCTV outside her partner Mick Murray's house in Chelmsford, Essex, where she often visited.

But on June 21, 2006, a teacher at King's Norton School in Birmingham rang police to say they found Britton, with her hands tied behind her back in the car park of the school claiming she had been kidnapped, the court heard.

Britton told police she had been snatched the night before by a gun-wielding kidnapper from her home.

The 40-year-old also claimed she had been bundled her into the back of a van where she was drugged and held overnight.

However, the court heard the CCTV installed at the house recorded Britton leaving the house alone at 7.30pm and her partner Mr Murray returning home later that evening.

It is alleged that throughout the allegations, Britton had the help of a former partner Paul Hendle.

Mr Gursoy said: 'There were no kidnappers or rapists, she was making it all up.'
On another occasion, she even pointed the finger at her line manager Alan Savage, who was employed at Churchill Insurance, Romford, claiming he attacked her with a gun after spurning his advances.

Britton said she was also being blackmailed for £10,000 over a pornographic film stolen from her home in which she starred with her former boyfriend 'Graham' an anti-terrorist Metropolitan Police Officer, who was wearing his uniform in the film.

Mr Gursoy said she was motivated by financial gain after falsely putting in an insurance claim for about £40,000 following a burglary.

She even claimed that her boss Mr Savage may have been responsible for the thefts as he held a grudge.

The prosecution said Essex Police spent 'thousands' of hours investigating 15 incidents over a six-month period between February and August 2006.

The court heard how Britton had a previous conviction from 1990 for obtaining property by deception when 61 other offences were taken into account.

Chief Inspector Glenn Maleary, Essex Police, said: 'Out of greed and the pursuit of a fraudulent insurance claim, Michaela Britton spun a web of lies and deceit putting a risk the liberty of innocent people.

'Investigating her fantasy stories and ultimately bringing her to justice has taken thousands of hours of police and prosecutors' time.

'Credit goes to investigators whose tenacity brought to an end the actions of this creative and serial con artist.

'Despite overwhelming evidence Britton continued in her fantasy world, causing distress to named individuals by alleging others were at fault and not her.

'During the trial Britton attempted to tarnish the good reputation of Essex Police and individual officers.

'In her continued pursuit of greed, she had falsely claimed to be the victim of some of the most serious crimes possible and in doing so, betrayed the true victims and other members of the public by denying them access to valuable Essex Police resources.

'I feel it is a shame this woman has gone to such extreme levels to convince the police, her friends and family that her lies were true.

'However, I'm delighted the court process has listened intently to her case and reached this conclusion.'


Maid falsely claimed employer raped her because she couldn't stand the workload

Why would women lie about rape? Well, as shown below, they'd lie for any number of reasons -- the possible rationales are infinite.

Maid who cried rape jailed

AN INDONESIAN maid who made a false report that her employer had burnt her with a hot object and raped her has been jailed for one month.

Baniyah, 23, was sentenced on Tuesday after pleading guilty to giving false information to the police on Dec 1.

The court heard that she called 999 that day to report that she was raped and that her leg was burnt by her employer.

When the two police officers turned up at the house off Holland Road area, she claimed that her employer had used a hot object to burn her leg before raping her about a week earlier.

When a policeman was recording her statement later, Baniyah owned up, saying she she had neither been raped nor abused by her employer.

She said she made the report because she could not stand the workload at her employer's house.
She made the false report so that she could leave her employer's house.

She could have been jailed for up to one year and/or fined up to $5,000 for giving false information.


Sunday, December 21, 2008

Another one

Rape case against SSB jawans false

Lucknow: With the arrest of a gang of three burglars by the Shravasti police on Monday, the police claim that the much-hyped rape case against Sashastra Seema Bal (SSB) jawans has been proved to be false.

“It was a case of house robbery and some locals engaged in criminal activities forced the complainant—Hamid to level allegations of rape on SSB jawans. The medical examination of four of the victims already had scuttled any such attempt,” Superintendent of Police (SP), Shravasti, MD Karnadhar said.

Karnadhar said they succeeded in tracing the accused with the help of surveillance of Hamid’s mobile phone robbed that night. A man named Babu Khan of Fatehpur Bangai village where the incident took place had tipped off his associates to target Hamid’s house on November 24.

Besides Babu, the cops arrested Taj Khan and She Mohammad alias Shera of Lakhimpur Kheri district. The accused confessed to the crime, the SP said.

Meanwhile, DIG, SSB Anil Agrawal said the inquiry conducted by the SSB too had found the allegation against jawans false, as none of them had visited the area of Malhipur for past several days.


Friday, December 19, 2008

Woman goes to jail for falsely accusing two men of rape

In the news story below, a woman lied that her boyfriend and a man with whom she just had sex raped her. They were jailed for twelve hours before she recanted.

Imagine the terror these men experienced, not knowing if anyone would believe the truth. Imagine facing the prospect of decades in prison, your life destroyed all because a young woman picked you to lie about.

Now ask yourself, is a four month sentence sufficient?

Hardly. But the young woman's attorney thinks a custodial sentence won't "address the root cause of her offending behavior."

Perhaps not, but it might just deter her and others from doing it again. Despite this young woman's troubled mind, she is not the victim here. The victims are two completely innocent young men who were dragged through hell.


Nelson woman behind bars after false rape claim

Published Date: 19 December 2008
A WOMAN who cried rape and got her partner and a friend locked up has started a four-month jail term.

Burnley Crown Court heard Dana Doherty called police and claimed her then boyfriend, Ben Stanworth, and Martin Massa had pinned her down on a bed and forced her into sex. Both were arrested, medically examined, kept in the cells and questioned before she admitted it was not true, the court heard.

The court was told Doherty had had consensual sex with Mr Massa at her boyfriend's home after leaving a party but had not had sex with Mr Stanworth. She later told police she had been angry with Mr Stanworth after a row and wanted to hurt him but had no reason to accuse Mr Massa.

Doherty, who has convictions for attacking her father and sister, was said to have a personality disorder.

Her solicitor pleaded for her to keep her freedom and said she was on the waiting list for treatment.

But Judge Andrew Woolman told Doherty: "If ever there was a case when it would have been possible for a judge to take the view a non-custodial sentence was possible for this kind of offence, this may well have been it.

"But I have come to the conclusion, however much sympathy I have for your position, which I do, these cases end up inevitably with the judge passing a custodial sentence."

The defendant (22), of Townhouse Road, Nelson, had admitted attempting to pervert the course of justice.

Miss Mercedeh Jabbari (prosecuting) said Doherty rang police from a call box, claiming she had been raped.

Mr Stanworth was arrested at his home at 5 a.m. and Mr Massa was detained hours later. Both denied having non-consensual sex with Doherty.

Police took the defendant to the Safe Centre, Preston, where she was medically and forensically examined. When police went to speak to her, she had been reluctant and told them: "This was all sorted out last night." And before she was about to be interviewed, she indicated her account had not been correct.

The men had been in custody for up to 12 hours.

The court was told Doherty told officers Mr Stanworth had given Mr Massa his keys to take the defendant home to calm down after a row at a party.

They had gone to Mr Stanworth's home and had sex before returning to the party where she had rowed with Mr Stanworth.

At the time of the offence, Doherty was subject to a conditional discharge, imposed after she tried to "strangle" her sister.

Mr Graeme Tindall (defending) said Doherty was on the waiting list for cognitive psychological treatment and should be getting help within three months.

The solicitor added: "A custodial sentence will not address the root cause of her offending behaviour."


Another one

Woman could be jailed after false rape claim

A WOMAN who cried rape could be jailed after admitting attempting to pervert the course of justice at Burnley Crown Court.

Dana Doherty (22), of Townhouse Road, Nelson, was bailed until December 15th for reports.

She was warned by Judge Andrew Woolman: "I must tell you the fact I am adjourning for a report and granting you bail doesn't mean the court has made its mind up about what the right sentence is."


Thursday, December 18, 2008

The victim mentality for women is self-limiting

The following is a well-stated piece, aside from the incorrect assertion that the primary victims of false rape claims are actual rape victims. Try telling that to men who've been incarcerated, beaten, spat on, fired from a job, left without a spouse or a girlfriend or a business -- all because of a false rape claim. Some men have even been murdered.

Other than that flaw, this is an excellent piece.

Playing the victim is overplayed

By Jessica Lack

Women need to take responsibility to be taken seriously

Each spring, the WSU Women’s Resource Center sponsors the Women’s Recognition Luncheon to acknowledge the achievements of prominent women. This year, the WRC invited Anita Hill to come, after choosing her book, “Speaking Truth to Power,” for the Spring 2009 Reading
Discussion Group. With this invitation, the WRC turned the event from a celebration of true achievement to a glorification of victimhood.

Anita Hill is a professor of law, social policy and women’s studies. Her notoriety could be tied to her professional achievements. Yet her fame is solely based on a sexual harassment allegation that is nearly 20 years old.

During Clarence Thomas’ confirmation hearings for the Supreme Court, Hill accused Thomas of verbal sexual harrassment. As Thomas was her former employer, Hill’s allegations ignited national controversy regarding sexual harassment and the workplace, as well as issues of gender, power and race because both Thomas and Hill are black.

The debate over Hill’s honesty was closed when Thomas was confirmed to the Supreme Court, and I will not readdress it here. Rather, I mentioned Hill to highlight that her story is a celebration of an American victim mentality with detrimental consequences.

This victim mentality is self-limiting. Far too many women attribute their personal failures to societal bias. While sexism does fuel some people’s actions, discrimination alone does not account for all outcome inequalities. Blaming others for our situation is often much easier than self-reflection, but avoiding responsibility is not a successful life strategy. Instead, focusing on self-improvement is a proactive way to handle setbacks. Character development can only happen when we take responsibility for our actions.

Victims see themselves at the mercy of some kind of construct such as “the system” or “the Man” and may resign themselves to a lower position than they otherwise could achieve. Many women’s advocacy groups overemphasize sexism in American society and portray women as helpless victims. This mindset does not empower women to take control of their lives. Rather, it places women at the mercy of ambiguous societal pressures.

At WSU, female students are taught that intoxication absolves them of any responsibility for their behavior. This makes every drunken woman a victim rather than a woman who makes conscious choices about her alcohol consumption. No woman deserves to be raped or assaulted. Unfortunately, many women willingly increase the probability of these offenses by engaging in risky behavior such as binge drinking, walking home alone or late at night, partying with strangers, or abusing drugs.

The victim mentality can be extremely dangerous in cases of sexual harassment or assault allegations. In 2006, false accusations of rape devastated the lives of three Duke University students. The media narrative of a poor black woman abused by privileged white lacrosse players nearly overwhelmed the men’s innocence. Though the charges were dropped, their futures have been tarnished by these false allegations, and they are now forced to defend their character to prospective employers and skeptical dates.

Those hurt most by false rape accusations are not the accused men, but women themselves. Every false accusation severely disrespects real victims of sexual abuse. The manipulative women who deceivingly cry rape ruin the credibility of honest claims. Playing the victim for self-gain is despicable behavior that robs true sexual assault victims of the justice they deserve.
True equality and justice begin when individuals of all genders, races and creeds accept responsibility for their personal triumphs and failures. Women are capable of making wise decisions and should be held accountable for their choices. By robbing women of their responsibility, the victim mentality infantilizes women.


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Seven men framed on false rape charges

Cops yet to find the brain behind false rape case against SSB

Lucknow: It is almost two weeks since seven men of Sashastra Seema Bal (SSB) in Shrawasti district were booked for raping four girls. After medical tests on the girls and the subsequent interrogations, the police concluded that they had been framed. But they have been unable to catch the perpetrators of the crime yet.

District Superintendent of Police M D Karnadhar, who agrees that the rape case “was a conspiracy against the SSB”, says he has asked his Additional SP “to identify those who were involved in this incident.” He says he has also put the local intelligence unit on the job.

For the SSB, it is a test case.

They allege that in the past, their men have often been targeted by elements involved in undesirable activities along the border. These elements, often influential, use their political contacts to lodge false complaints against SSB men — both in Lucknow and Delhi. But this is the first time a false criminal case was lodged against them.

A resident of Fatehpur Bangai, Hamid Ali, had alleged that seven SSB men had forced their way into his home on the night of November 25 and raped four girls, holding other members of the joint family at gunpoint. The politicians had lost no time in organising demonstrations against SSB.

But no sooner than the investigation began, the case started falling apart.

First, three of the girls, while being taken for a medical examination, denied that they had been raped. The medical examination of the fourth showed no evidence of rape. Nor did the police find any sign of forced entry in the house.

The police are now convinced that Ali had lodged a false case at somebody behest, but they seem to be in no hurry to find out who was behind it.

For the SSB men, this soft-pedalling of the issue is not surprising. The men named in the case were all from SSB post at Bhinga, which had become a thorn in the side of some locally influential people.

An officer pointed out that in August, the state Government had withdrawn the SSB’s powers of search and seizure and making arrests in border villages following unsubstantiated complaints from certain politicians, including BSP legislator Waris Ali.

In a statement announcing its decision, the government had virtually called the SSB a force of cattle smugglers.

Another officer in the SSB said they were targeted because the SSB’s presence hits the economic interest of certain elements. “Further, the smuggling in border areas has got a certain social sanction and is known as ‘trade’. The smugglers control the economy as their operations involve a large number of poor people,” he said.


Tuesday, December 16, 2008

An example of how feminists filter out facts about rape that don't fit their agenda

A teenager goes public claiming she was raped by a 23-year-old man but the, um, evil prosecutor refused to bring charges. See here

Well, even the post goes on to admit that court papers show "both [parties] said they had an ongoing sexual relationship." And -- the important sentence: "The prosecutor concluded that the Crystal and the man had had consensual sex."

The post goes on to ask, rhetorically: "Since when does having having a relationship with someone mean they can't rape you?"

OK, now I'm lost. The post assumes a rape occurred even though the prosecutor concluded sex was consensual.

What part of the word "consensual" doesn't the writer understand?

There is no indication that the prosecutor's conclusion was based solely on the fact that the parties had a relationship. To assume that is the case is nothing short of absurd wishfulness on the part of someone so caught up in her own victim mentality that she can't see reality.

A relationship is a factor to be considered in determining whether sex was consensual but it is not dispositive.

The author of the post has decided that the young woman must have been raped because she said she was. The prosecutor, obviously, was wrong in reaching the conclusion that sex was consensual, regardless of what the facts showed.

It must be convenient to parse out information that doesn't agree with your world view-- you could win every argument by doing that.

The saddest thing is that the author of this post likely has so deluded herself that she actually believes what she wrote. That's what happens when you view the world through a gender lens, where every act becomes "evidence" of another instance where women are victimized by men and the world men run. How frighteningly naive. For their own mental health they need to start looking at the world for what it is: a countless variety of greys with very few black and whites, and oppression coming from all different directions.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Many months after Mary Jo Stolle's rape lie, no charges have been filed

Many months after Mary Jo Stolle's rape lie, no charges have been filed.


Police: Taxi driver assault was made up

Officials say the driver has reported 4 similar incidents in the past and the evidence doesn't match her story.

Edition Date: 01/19/08

A taxi driver fabricated a report that she was kidnapped and sexually assaulted, Ada County Sheriff Gary Raney said Friday.

Mary Jo Stolle's story did not match the evidence and she has reported four similar incidents in the past - at least one of which was proved to be untrue out of Las Vegas, Nev., Raney said.

"We are convinced this did not happen," Raney said, adding that he is "puzzled and disappointed."

Stolle told deputies she was kidnapped at a knifepoint by a man who attempted to sexually assault her south of Kuna early Jan. 8.

Stolle provided intense details and helped officials create a precise composite drawing of the man she said attacked her, down to a teardrop tattoo on his cheek. The Boise woman had a cut on her neck and bruises on her face, but Raney said a forensic investigation showed her injuries were inconsistent with her story.

At the time of the reported attack, the case was considered a high priority for the Sheriff's Office with deputies looking for leads, Raney said. Stolle's false report "robs a piece from all the other victims," he said.

Stolle does not have a listed telephone number, a cell phone number the Statesman found was disconnected and requests for her contact information from the cab company were unsuccessful. The company forwarded to Stolle the Statesman's request for comment, but she did not respond.

Raney said Stolle may be charged with providing a false report to law enforcement, a misdemeanor punishable by up to six months in jail and a $300 fine. He will turn the case over to the prosecutor's office.

"If they were to find enough evidence, we would support the fact that she be charged," Raney said.

Stolle told detectives she picked up the man in her taxi near the Torch 2 Lounge in Boise around 11 p.m. Monday, Jan. 7, because he wanted to be taken to a Kuna bar. She said that on the way, a man took out a knife, placed it next to her neck, and eventually took over driving the cab into the desert off Swan Falls Road, where he attempted to sexually assault her.

Stolle told deputies the man closed her in the trunk of the cab and called someone to pick him up. She said after he was gone, she called the cab company to report the assault.

Raney said the details in Stolle's false report mirror those she's made in jurisdictions "from New York through the Western States."

Stolle was working as a limousine driver in Las Vegas about five years ago when she made a very similar claim to authorities there, Raney said. That claim was disproved, he said. Idaho Statesman calls to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department were not immediately returned.

Idaho Court records show Stolle also has worked as a limousine driver in Boise.

A worker's compensation claim Stolle filed against a local limousine company was thrown out as unfounded, but she appealed all the way to the Idaho Supreme Court where justices characterized her as "not a credible witness."

Mike Murphy, a manager at Boise City Taxi, said he can't think of a financial reason for Stolle to fake the incident.

Stolle worked as an independent contractor for the company about 12 days before the report, he said. The company is ending the contract with Stolle, he said.

"She worked for herself. There was no real way she could steal from us," Murphy said. "She was a relatively new driver. She struck me as a relatively level-headed human being and I'm surprised by this."

Raney said he couldn't explain why Stolle would file a false report, other than to get attention.

Raney said he's worried Stolle's false report will make the public question kidnapping and rape reports in the future.

Local residents called in dozens of tips after news reports of the reported attack, he said.

"The community did the right things for all the right reasons," he said.

Kathleen Kreller: 377-6418


Friday, December 12, 2008

Rape charges dropped, but not before they destroy a man

Rape charge dismissed

MORGANTON - A second-degree rape charge against Timothy Wayne James, 42, a former Morganton restaurant manager, has been dismissed.

The district attorney's office asked the court to dismiss the charge because the "victim declined to cooperate."

A 21-year-old woman complained to Morganton Public Safety in June that James sexually assaulted her inside Ham's Restaurant on East Union Street.

James at the time was Ham's manager and owned a one-third interest the chain's Morganton restaurant.

In a statement e-mailed to The News Herald, James said, "I am very grateful for the thorough and objective investigation by the District Attorney's Office of Burke County, leading to the dismissal of these false charges.

"It is regrettable that I was not given the opportunity to tell my side of the story before Morganton Public Safety decided to bring the charge against me. Perhaps if afforded that opportunity, all the damage that has been done to my life may have been avoided."

"This entire affair has been irrevocably destructive to my personal and professional life. Much has been taken from me that I may never get back.

"I am glad it is over."

James no longer lives in Morganton.


Woman falsely accuses boyfriend of rape, causes him to be arrested, is given a three month sentence

In the news story below, a woman lied that she was raped by her boyfriend and caused him to be arrested and held in custody (the story does not say for how long).

She was sentenced to a three month jail term.

Imagine if you were the boyfriend falsely arrested. He surely realized that it was possible no one would believe his story and that he might be imprisoned for years. Imagine the terror this must have caused him. Imagine what must have become of his job and his relationships with family and friends. Imagine how he must feel about women now, and about trusting another human being. It is safe to assume he will never be the same.

And then consider the fact that the woman who did this will only serve three months in jail, and ask yourself, "Is that fair?"


Maid cried raped, jailed

By Sujin Thomas

AN INDONESIAN maid who was worried that her employer would find out about her relationship with a Singaporean man made a police report in August claiming that he had raped her.

She later admitted to the police that she had concocted the story.

On Wednesday, a magistrate court sentenced 25-year-old Nurhayati to three months' jail for giving false information to a public servant.

According to court documents, she made a police report on Aug 18 claiming that her Singaporean boyfriend, who works as a fruit stall assistant, had tried to rape her.

She alleged that he removed her t-shirt and kissed her. The man was then arrested and held in custody.

Nurhayati later admitted that she had lied about the rape.

Her employer who only gave her name as Madam Lim, told The Straits Times outside the courthouse said that she did not know Nurhayati had a boyfriend.

She said: 'I was shocked when I found out. I had trusted her a lot and even asked her if she was absolutely certain before I called the police on her behalf.'

Madam Lim said Nurhayati arrived in Singapore just over a year ago and had worked for her since.


Thursday, December 11, 2008

Strange false rape case

SSB rape false case: cops

Lucknow, December 1: The much-hyped rape case against Sashastra Seema Bal (SSB) jawans is a false one, Shravasti police has said, following the arrest of three robbers on Monday.

Superintendent of Police (SP) Shravasti, MD Karnadhar said: “It was a case of house robbery and the robbers had forced the complainant — Hamid — to level rape allegation on SSB jawans.”

The medical examination of the four victims has already failed to establish rape, he said.

The police had traced the robbers by keeping surveillance on Hamid’s cellphone, which they had taken away that night along with clothes and some silver jewellery. All of these have been recovered from the arrested miscreants, he said.

The SP also said Babu Khan of Fatehpur Bangai village, where the incident took pace, had tipped off his associates to target Hamid’s house on November 24.

Besides Babu, the police arrested Taj Khan and She Mohammad alias Shera of Lakhimpur Kheri district. The accused confessed to the crime, the SP said.

The Deputy Inspector General of SSB, Anil Agrawal said their internal inquiry too had found the rape allegation false, as none of them had visited the area of Malhipur for past several days.


Man who spent 10 months in jail for a rape he didn't commit wants his false accuser to get the same sentence

Man freed from jail after false rape evidence admission

Man freed from jail after false rape evidence admission

by Kelly Makiha

A Rotorua man's former partner has admitted gathering false evidence which led to his being jailed for rape before a court quashed his conviction.

Robert Sutton, who owns the Happy Angler store at Mourea, spent 10 months behind bars after being convicted in October 2005 of two violent rapes he says he never committed. He was released following a successful appeal and feels the wheels of justice are finally starting to turn in his favour.

The main complainant in the case against him, his former partner Marion Anne Carter, has this week admitted her role in Mr Sutton's wrongful conviction, pleading guilty to perverting the course of justice.

Now Mr Sutton has just one wish - that she too spend 10 months in jail.

"I shared a cell with a guy who was doing 17 years non-parole for murder. It didn't make sleeping very easy. I don't wish it on anyone - but her."

Carter, who lives in Te Awamutu, pleaded guilty this week in the District Court at Te Awamutu and will appear in court in Hamilton on October 31 for sentencing. The charge of perverting the course of justice carries a maximum penalty of seven years' jail.

Mr Sutton was sentenced to 10 years' imprisonment in October 2005 after being convicted of 15 charges - two of rape, nine of assault and four relating to assault with a weapon.

Carter had told police she was raped by Mr Sutton after he broke down a locked bedroom door. There were two other complainants involved in the other charges. Mr Sutton walked free after serving 10 months and one day in jail. He fought his conviction from behind bars. The Court of Appeal quashed his convictions in light of new evidence showing Carter was "involved in gathering false evidence in support of the allegations prior to the trial".

The police decided in August last year they would not put Mr Sutton on trial a second time.

He told The Daily Post yesterday he wrote to Police Minister Annette King and Bay of Plenty police district commander Superintendent Gary Smith following his release, asking that Carter be arrested and charged.

"I'm pleased with the outcome, that they did charge her with perverting the course of justice. I think she deserves a prison sentence the same as I did ... then [she shall know] what her lies can get her into."

Mr Sutton said her arrest also sent a strong message to women about the consequences of making false allegations. That, in turn, was good news for those with legitimate complaints. "The police will then take more notice of women who are genuinely raped."

Asked what had happened between he and Carter that would cause her to falsify evidence against him, Mr Sutton said their 10-year relationship had been rocky and there were regular arguments about money and the business.

He said the whole ordeal had made him "very gun shy of women" and he would not jump into another relationship but was now starting to enjoy life again following a harrowing three years. Loyal local customers and "some very good friends" had helped him through a very tough time, he said.

"It's been a hell of a battle for me, getting back into my business again. I'm lucky the people of Mourea have been wonderful but financially it just about cost me the shop."

He estimates his time in prison plus the ordeal of the court process have cost him about $100,000, which included the cost of hiring a lawyer for his appeal. Mr Sutton said he was considering seeking compensation. "It would be good if I could but I'm not sure what tact to take now."


Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Man convicted of rape released because he wasn't allowed to question accuser about her prior false rape claim

The following news story posits a just result. No one wants to see a rapist get off on a "technicality," but this man cannot be called a "rapist." Ours is a nation of laws, and he was not afforded a fair trial. For those who say that this alleged victim surely wouldn't lie about being raped -- she did it before.

NH won't appeal convict's release

Defense attorney pushes for charges against alleged rape victim

By Shawn

The New Hampshire attorney general's office will not challenge the federal ruling that freed accused rapist Roland "Chris" Chretien of Haverhill from jail in July after he had served nearly four years of a six- to 12-year sentence.

But whether the former Plaistow, N.H., businessman will be put back on trial or if charges will be brought against the alleged victim whose courtroom lies led to Chretien's premature release from prison remains to be seen.

Chretien, 50, was convicted in 2004 for sexually assaulting a 46-year-old female customer inside Blazin' Saddles, the Plaistow motorcycle shop he co-owned with Methuen police Officer Joseph Aiello.

The conviction was vacated and Chretien was released from a New Hampshire state prison after a rare habeas corpus proceeding on July 8 where the alleged victim admitted that she falsely accused another man of sexually assaulting her just a few months before the Superior Court trial at which Chretien was found guilty.

The 30-day deadline for Attorney General Kelly Ayotte's office to appeal the federal ruling expired Thursday. Assistant Attorney General Brian Graf, who is in charge of the case, said the office decided not to appeal, but he declined to discuss the reasons behind the decision.

"My client is delighted to know he won't have to go through the one- to two-year process of fighting an appeal," said Chretien's attorney, Scott Gleason of Haverhill. "He's one step closer to redemption and closure."

Now it is up to Rockingham County Attorney James Reams' office to decide whether he will retry Chretien or drop the charges against him, Gleason said.

Jerome Blanchard, the prosecutor in Reams' office handling the Chretien case, did not return phone calls seeking comment for this story. Graf indicated that the state is unlikely to charge the woman with lying in court, however.

"Our focus was on the appeal," Graf said. "Let's leave it at that."

Gleason said it will be up to a judge to decide how long prosecutors have to act on the open sexual assault indictment against Chretien, but he said the maximum length of time they can take to make a decision is one year.

"There's absolutely no reason that they haven't made up their minds what they're going to do by now, so I'll certainly ask for a prompt decision," he said.

Gleason said he intends to press for perjury charges against the alleged victim and her husband, whom Gleason said also lied at the criminal trial.

"They have an obligation to look into the multiple lies that sent my client to prison," Gleason said of the New Hampshire authorities. "The evidence of that is repulsive and obvious."

At the 2004 trial, Judge Kenneth McHugh refused to allow Chretien's lawyer to ask the woman about the alleged false rape accusation or hold a pretrial hearing to probe the matter further.

McHugh simply asked the victim whether the allegation was true, and took her word that it was not, said Gleason, who did not represent Chretien at the 2004 trial.

But the victim admitted to the prior false rape accusation at the July 8 federal hearing, at which her son and his roommate were prepared to testify about their knowledge of the matter, according to a ruling released last month by U.S. Judge Joseph LaPlante.

"It was impossible to determine whether the superior court's refusal to allow Chretien to cross-examine the victim regarding an allegedly false accusation of sexual assault against another man had a substantial, injurious effect on the verdict," LaPlante wrote in his ruling.

At the criminal trial, the victim testified that she had gone to the motorcycle store to buy a leather belt. She told the judge she lives in a constant state of fear since the assault and was struggling through therapy and taking medications as a result.

When Chretien was sentenced, more than 40 friends and family members came to speak out against the verdict, saying there was no way he had committed the assault. McHugh criticized him for testifying during his trial that the woman was the aggressor.

McHugh also allowed Chretien's sister to testify she had been raped for years by her brother, a claim refuted by another brother and sister.

The sister who testified that Chretien raped her when she was a young girl died in 2005. Her husband, Ed Gawrys Jr. of Londonderry, N.H., said he has contacted the attorney general and county attorney to ask them to fight Chretien's release.

"It is important for you to know that (Chretien) is not some innocent person that had his life ruined by a wrongful allegation," Gawrys wrote in an e-mail to The Eagle-Tribune. "Hopefully he will be locked back up to finish his sentence."

The woman's prior false accusation involved similar circumstances to those in the Chretien case, according to LaPlante's ruling: it involved the same specific sexual activity; it involved a man previously unknown to the victim whom she met that night at a bar; she accused the man of choking her during the assault; and it happened in an out-of-the-way area of a commercial establishment — the parking lot of the Longhorn Steakhouse on the Haverhill-Plaistow line.
At the July 8 hearing, the victim acknowledged that the parking lot encounter was consensual, and that she made up the story about forced sex because she did not want her son to think poorly of her, according to LaPlante's ruling.

The ruling also said the woman was having a sexual affair with her son's roommate, and the sexual encounter with the man in the parking lot occurred the same night the roommate refused to meet her and tried to end their affair.

After the woman falsely reported to her son and the roommate that she had been sexually assaulted outside the steakhouse, the two men called the man whom the woman said assaulted her to accuse him of the attack and threaten him with retaliation.

In a subsequent telephone conversation, however, the roommate told the man that the woman had changed her story and that criminal charges would not be pressed with police, according to the federal judge's ruling.


Tuesday, December 9, 2008

From the archives: An example of a feminist who refused to admit the Duke lacrosse rape accusation was false

Here is an example of a feminist who refused to admit that the Duke lacrosse rape allegations were false.

After the Duke lacrosse players were declared "innocent" by the state's attorney general (his word, not mine), feminists reacted with denial, anger and disappointment. Think about that: some radical feminists apparently would have preferred the accuser to have been brutally raped (or to have the accuser's lie go undetected) as opposed to having the three young men declared "innocent."

Three totally innocent young men were released from a year-long hell, and the only thing that some radical feminists could muster was to angrily deny that the accusations were false or to declare that "something must have happened" the night of the alleged rape. This despite the fact that irrefutable evidence shows that nothing happened.

You see, they had the perfect narrative -- privileged young white male athletes, a poor struggling black woman trying to make her way in the world -- except there was no rape.

Oh, yes, there was a crime -- the woman made a false police report, but I didn't hear a single radical feminist condemn it. Not one.

Is there a better indication of their utter contempt for men and boys wrongly accused of rape?

That may be the saddest, most twisted aspect of that entire case. It is symptomatic of the gender divisive and dysfunctional "rape culture" these unbalanced women have manufactured that presumes rampant, unpunished male subjugation of females. Their misandry has blinded them to the point that they can't even bring themselves to feel happiness for the innocent young men and their families, friends and girlfriends after a nightmare that no innocent person should be forced to endure.

The truly terrible thing is that the vast majority of men loathe and detest rapists. But most men also want false rape claims to be called for what they are -- lies -- and I believe most women share that desire. The feminists do a grave disservice to their mission of raising awareness about rape when they pretend that false claims are not false claims. When they do this, they pit most men and women against the far left fringe zealots for whom truth is secondary to an ideology of victimhood.

And you know the zealots I'm referencing: the ones who say, the innocent be damned.

Girls backtrack on rape claim

Three girls backtrack on rape charge against troopers

Lucknow, Nov 26 (IANS) A day after four girls alleged rape by a group of Seema Suraksha Bal (SSB) troopers in Uttar Pradesh, three of the girls Wednesday backtracked on their charge, the police said.The alleged rape of the girls took place Tuesday in Shravasti district, some 160 km from here.

Uttar Pradesh Additional Director General of Police (law and order) Brij Lal said: “Preliminary investigation by the local police revealed that the charge was false.”

“Only one of the four alleged rape victims stuck to her allegation against SSB troopers stationed along the Indo-Nepal border, from where the incident was reported Tuesday,” Lal said.

However, not ruling out the possibility of the denial coming under duress, Lal has ordered statements of each of the four girls be recorded afresh.

“I have asked the local police not only to record the statement of the girls afresh but also to do a videography of the statement recording,” Lal said.

SSB Director General O.P.S. Malik told IANS by telephone from New Delhi: “Even as our own officers are looking into the case, we have to go by the investigation carried out by the local police. In case they are able to establish the involvement of SSB troopers in the rape, I am the last one to spare any one of them.”


Monday, December 8, 2008

Girl who caused 'a person's worst nigthmare' faces no charges

Inexplicable. Another teenager falsely cried "rape," and this time -- as happens not infrequently -- it had the potential to destroy an innocent man's life. The man's name has been splashed all over the news, and there will always be some people who insist that "something" must have happened even though the only actual crime was a girl's lie. Do you think this man will have an easy time getting a job in the future? The man described his ordeal as a person's "worst nightmare," as is common for men falsely accused of this vile crime.

Yet the girl received no jail time. Not one day. None.

And she gets to retain her anonymity forever.

Let us ask ourselves very seriously: would a boy the same age who was having sex with his girlfriend but who failed to withdraw for a few seconds after she changed her mind and told him to "stop" be spared jail time if convicted? Most unlikely. And who do you think would suffer the greater harm? A man such as the one in this news story below, or the girl in the hypothetical? The man. And his family. No question.

Or consider a boy who committed sexual assault because, like the girl in this story, he was "troubled." Do you think he would be given "counseling" and excused from jail time? Not a chance. The boy's life would be ruined. He would not see significant jail time -- possibly decades -- and thereafter he'd be forced to register as a sex offender forever, and be precluded from living in most decent areas. He'd likely find himself either in trouble for failing to completely abide by the harsh restrictions imposed on "sex offenders," or find himself -- as so many men in similar situations find themselves -- living under a bridge. All because male sexuality is demonized by a hysterical culture. A culture that regards a boy's "crime" of delaying a few seconds to withdraw from intercourse after a girl changes her mind as far worse than the lie of a girl the same age that nearly destroys a man, and his family, and causes them turmoil as terrible as anything on earth short of torture.

That tells you everything you need to know to understand that there is something terribly, terribly wrong with this culture, and with our refusal to regard men and boys as anything other than animals when someone even accuses them of sexual wrongdoing.


Girl who made false rape claim won't face charges

SPOKANE - The girl who wrongly accused Ferris high school boy's basketball coach Don Van Lierop of rape is not expected to face any criminal charges, according to Spokane Police.

Detectives exonerated Van Lierop Thursday afternoon, more than two-weeks after the 16-year-old girl and her mother made the accusation.

The girl's attorney admits she fabricated the whole story.

Van Lierop will return to practice Friday, but will not return to teaching until Monday because a substitute had already been arranged.

Van Lierop released the following statement Friday through his attorney:

"The past two weeks of my life, and the life of my family, can only be described as a person's worst nightmare. Any husband, father, coach or teacher can only imagine what a person and his family go through when falsely accused of this kind of conduct.

I hope and pray that everyone who has heard about these false allegations will also learn that I have been fully and completely cleared of all allegations, and understand that I have been the victim of horrific lies.

I am looking foward to returning to my teaching and coaching duties at Ferris High School. I have dedicated my life to helping students and athletes become responsible citizens in the future, and will continue to do so."

The girl who made the accusation is currently undergoing counseling, according to attorneys.
Spokane Police will hold a news conference Friday afternoon to discuss the case and release the police report. Because the accuser is a minor, and is not expected to face charges, it's unlikely her name will be released.

The girl no longer attends Ferris High School.


Saturday, December 6, 2008

Innocent men have no greater responsibility to prevent rape than innocent women

Remember in a recent post we opined that feminists say women have no responsibility for stopping rape, only men do? We said:

Let's accept the proposition that the innocent bear no responsibility for stopping the evildoers, that it is the evildoers alone who must bear responsibility. If that is so, why are feminists so quick to insist that innocent men -- you know, the vast majority of males who do not rape -- must be part of the solution to end it?

If we are singling out the innocent, why are men alone singled out to be "part of the solution"?

Sounds like asymmetrical gender blaming to me. Actually, it doesn't just "sound" like it -- it is asymmetrical gender blaming.

We concluded: Newsflash: Rapists are responsible for rape. Not innocent women -- even the multitude who purposefully arouse men; and not innocent men, even the multitude who like to be aroused by women.

Well, I've pulled from the archives an example of a woman who says that men alone have responsibility to stop rape. Men -- not women -- need to learn rape prevention. She says: "Almost every poster and piece of literature about rape is aimed at a female audience. But it makes no sense because rape is not a woman's fault." And: "I wanted to know the guy's point of view. So, I asked my friend's boyfriend, 'What were you taught in school about rape?' 'Rape is wrong,' he said. It sounded like he was quoting from a textbook. 'How do you prevent rape?,' I asked. 'Well, girls shouldn't walk alone after dark and they should be careful that they don't drink too much at parties,' he said. "I think you misunderstood me,' I replied, 'How do YOU prevent rape?' He didn't have an answer. Can you believe that?

This woman's argument suffers from one fatal flaw: she assumed the poor male she harassed must be a rapist. Because he's male.

Newsflash, Ms. rape crusader: only rapists can prevent rape. Innocent people can minimize it by taking precautions. But to suggest that innocent men, the vast majority of whom are not rapists, thank you very much, have any greater responsibility to prevent rape than innocent women is absurdly sexist and seeks to hold all men responsible for a crime that only a very small percentage commit. There is a word for such stereotyping: prejudice. In any other context, it is ugly, immoral, and unnacceptable. How dare you condemn an entire gender based on the malefactions of a few.

Now you see what I was talking about in my previous post.