Monday, November 3, 2008

Man convinced girlfriend to falsely accuse another man of rape

In the news story below, a man was arrested on the basis of a woman's false rape claim. The claim was prompted by the woman's boyfriend, who had a business dispute with the falsely accused man.

A woman 'falsely' accuses a man of rape

A 29-year-old woman was arrested in Tembisa for laying a false charge of rape, police said on Wednesday.

Constable Tebogo Sesing said the woman laid the charge after her boyfriend convinced her to lie following a problem he had with another man.

Her boyfriend bought a shop from a 24-year-old man and failed to pay for it. The man then allegedly hired people to rob the person he owed.

Sesing said after the robbery police caught up with the woman's boyfriend and arrested him.

The man was released on bail and later convinced his girlfriend to lie to the effect that she had been raped by three men.

Sesing said the police then arrested the 24-year-old man and charged him with rape.

He said after investigations the police found out that it was a false accusation.

"Through intensive investigations the police established that it was a false case. They re-interviewed the woman... she confessed that her boyfriend told her to open a case of rape against the 24-year-old," he explained.

Sesing said the woman is detained at Tembisa police station and will appear before the Tembisa magistrate's court to answer a charge of perjury. - Sapa