Friday, October 17, 2008

Woman falsely cries 'rape' because she was homesick

Read the chilling news story below, where a woman falsely accused her boyfriend of rape -- because she was homesick. The boyfriend was shocked, because the two had a good relationship.

Typically the men who are immune from a false rape claim are those in a "good" relationship, but even that is not a guarantee. Some women are capable of hurting even men who love them.

Maid's rape claim 'false'

A HOUSEMAID who claimed she was raped and kidnapped has admitted she made the story up because she was homesick.

The Ethiopian claimed her boyfriend abducted her at knifepoint from an outdoor bathroom at her employer's home in Isa Town.

She initially accused her 26-year-old Bahraini 'kidnapper' of forcing her to have sex with him at his apartment.

However, she has retracted her statement and confessed to making the story up because she wants to go home, a Public Prosecution spokesman said.

He added that the boyfriend was shocked to learn that he was facing rape and kidnapping charges.

"He said he was unsure why she had lodged a complaint against him because both had liked each other and had been sleeping together for a while," said the spokesman.

The defendant claimed the smell of cigarettes in her room after each of his visits was evidence that they had been in a relationship for some time.

"He also said that they made love several times in the outdoor bathroom, while her employer kept yelling at her and asking why she was taking so long in there," added the spokesman.

The woman has been charged with filing a false police complaint and helping her boyfriend enter her employer's house without the owner's permission.

The boyfriend has been charged with entering the house without permission.

Both will remain in police custody until their case goes to court.