Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Woman arrested for false rape accusation says, "That's why women don't report rape."

In the news story below, a woman who was arrested for falsely crying "rape" has the audacity to proclaim, "That's why women don't report rape."

Do you see the rich irony here? A false rape accuser parroting the paid sexual assault advocacy industry that never met a man accused of rape that it considered innocent. Incredible. Their sexual assault metanarrative, that treats falsely accused men and boys as nothing more than necessary collateral damage, has oozed down to the underbelly of society -- women who would falsely cry rape.

In fact, this sentiment underlies much of the reluctance to punish women for making false rape reports.

And it is as wrong as it could be.

Men need to be punished for raping; women need to be punished for making false rape claims. It is that simple. Both are crimes. Both can destroy lives. If you don't believe that a false rape claim can destroy a life, spend several hours reviewing this Web site.

There is much concern among the radical feminists about the fact that women don't "come forward" to report rapes, but there is no concern that, of the women who do report they've been raped, a sizable percentage are false claims. This is fact, objectively verifiable and beyond dispute, as we've reported here many times.

One reason some women don't report they've been "raped" is that most women "classified as having been raped" by the paid sexual assault industry do "not believe they had been raped." And see here, too. If the so-called victims don't know they've been "victimized," how did their so-called "rapists" know they had perpetrated a "rape"? In fact, generally such "victims" have not been raped -- the expansive definitions of "consent" employed by these studies are far removed from "rape," and it is insulting to women, and to men, and absurd on its face, to suggest otherwise.

One other frightening point about the news account below: the woman was very credible. Once again, video cameras helped expose her lie.


Police blast woman who lied about rape

Published Date: 17 October 2008

A Wigan woman who falsely cried rape has narrowly avoided jail.

Police today blasted Deborah Davies, not only for wasting their time and resources, but also for undermining the plight of genuine sex assault victims.

They revealed that when arrested for perverting the course of justice the 35-year-old brazenly said: "That's why women don't report rape."

But having maintained her innocence during four interviews, she then admitted her lies when confronted with all the flaws in her story and claimed she did it because she "wanted some attention."

Davies, of Hilton Street, Ashton, was given a four-month jail sentence, suspended for two years and ordered to carry out 200 hours' unpaid work after pleading guilty at Liverpool Crown Court to making a false allegation of rape.

It was shortly before 1.30am on Wednesday, April 2, this year that police were told a woman had been raped by one man and subjected to an attempted rape by a second stranger in an alleyway off Wigan Road.

The scene behind Mad Jack's and Queen's Theatre nightclubs were sealed off and an incident tent was erected to preserve the scene in bad weather while forensic experts scoured the area for clues.

Officers stood guard at the scene for 15 hours, house-to-house inquiries were made, the "victim" was given a physical examination at the specialist St Mary's Hospital in Manchester and CCTV footage was studied.

While the victim herself was quite plausible, albeit the worse for drink, it was the film footage which first aroused suspicions.

It gave a good view of the scene and showed no such attack taking place.

Full story in today's (Sat) Wigan Evening Post.

Link: http://www.wigantoday.net/wigannews/Police-blast-woman-who-lied.4605158.jp