Thursday, October 9, 2008

Rape counselor suggests that false rape accusers should not be prosecuted. Excuse me?!

The news story below is must-reading. Perhaps more than any story in recent memory, it underscores what is wrong with the way our society turns a blind eye to false rape claims. For the readers of this site who were falsely accused, this may trigger some unwanted emotions. For others, it will get your blood boiling.

First, it proves that false rape accusers don't always fit a profile. This accuser seemed to be a good, religious person. Just as we are told rapists may seem like "nice guys," so, too, false rape accusers may seem like nice people.

Second, as is too common, the false accuser was given a very light sentence. Judge Lindsay Moore correctly noted that the false accuser's complaint could have resulted in someone being falsely charged. Damn right, Judge. Even false rape claims that do not name a specific male often end up making suspects of specific men or boys. Sometimes those men or boys are arrested and even convicted. Always, their lives are affected for the worse, and sometimes their lives are destroyed forever. Don't believe me? Spend several hours reviewing the news accounts posted in this very Web site.

But then the judge inexplicably said that the false accuser "would have faced a jail sentence if it had not been for her psychiatric and psychological problems." Excuse me? Would you give a rapist probation if he exhibited psychiatric problems, your honor? I think not, and the very suggestion would raise howls of protest in the feminist community. Some in the feminist community would like to see rapists castrated regardless of their fragile mental states. Why the double standard? When men or boys rape, there is little regard for the life experiences that led them to that point, why the double standard when it comes to false rape accusers? Their lies can be as harmful as or even more harmful than a rape.

Third, Judge Moore "warned the true cost of her offending would be paid by genuine rape victims subjected to court scrutiny." Did you get that? Here we have another judge who seems more concerned about hypothetical, phantom, possible, could-be, even unborn rape victims who might be, possibly will be, may be dissuaded by such lies from coming forward, as opposed to the real victims of false rape claims -- the men and boys who actually are at risk of being arrested based on a lie. Innocent men and boys are too often considered to be nothing more than collateral damage in the war on rape, because false rape claims are typically viewed through a gynocentric lens that blinks at the harm they cause innocent men and boys. We've previously dealt with this peculiar and unfortunate phenomenon -- How women became the primary vicitms of a crime that only targest men

Fourth, and most disturbing, are the comments of sexual assault counselor, a Dr Kim McGregor, director of Auckland-based group Rape Prevention Education. She tosses around statistics that she should not toss around. For example, she notes that as few as 2 percent of rape claims are false -- which is grossly incorrect. Don't trust me, read this scholarly article that thoroughly debunks the two percent figure. Then Dr. McGregor tosses out a number that she claims represents an estimate for unreported claims -- also not appropriate because no one has an accurate way of knowing the percentage of unreported claims. The numbers are a moving target -- but when did that stop a radical feminist from latching onto one to prove a political point?

But the greatest piece of misandry is yet to come. You may need to read the following sentence several times, and squint hard: "Dr McGregor said false rape allegations were often triggered by traumatic experiences and questioned the benefit of prosecution in such cases."

We are treated once again to the yipping yapping howl of a radical feminist rape counselor who has no regard for innocent men. None. This is among the most outrageous statements ever uttered in the context of false rape claims, and that is saying a lot because the field is littered with the idiocy of radical feminism that has lost all sense of fairness, all sense of reason. Such as Catherine Comins' Time Magazine quotation that false rape is "not a pain that I would necessarily have spared" men. Or Catharine Mackinnon's Yale commencement address: "Look to your left, look to your right, look in front of you, and look behind you. Statistics tell us you have just laid eyes on someone guilty of sexual assault." Or this quote by the same woman: "Perhaps the wrong of rape has proved so difficult to define because the unquestionable starting point has been that rape is defined as distinct from intercourse, while for women it is difficult to distinguish the two under conditions of male dominance." Or Wendy Murphy, referring to the Duke lacrosse defendants on CNN's Nancy Grace show: "These guys, like so many rapists -- and I'm going to say it because, at this point, she's entitled to the respect that she is a crime victim."

Dr. McGregor's statement is in that class -- it is misandry raised to an artform.

Where to begin to demonstrate the inanity of her thinking? Has Dr. McGregor no concept of the reasons for sentencing? Has she never heard of the concepts of individual and general deterrence? Does she not know that sentencing is an expression of society's denunciation for unlawful acts? And a means of protecting the public? And a means of providing rehabilitation? And a means of providing reparation to the victims and promoting a sense of responsibility in offenders? How are we to deter criminal behavior if we don't punish it? If people could commit crimes with impunity, what's to protect the innocent?

Oh, I'm sorry -- the innocent here are not worthy of Dr. McGregor's protection, because they are males who were victims of false rape claims. That's really the bottom line. The crime is not worthy of deterrence, is it? Or of denouncing? The offenders are not in need of rehabilitation, are they?

But then again, when have we ever met a rape counselor with the slightest regard for innocent men? Ever? When have we ever heard one even acknowledge that the innocent need protecting from lies even though they were born male? I never have. Not once.

I know nothing about Dr. McGregor aside from what I read in the news story below, but she is an incarnate insult to justice.

Moreover, Dr. McGregor's premise is so vacant, so utterly unsupportable that one wonders how she could have dreamed that up -- traumatic experiences? What?! Read Professor Kanin's landmark work on false rape claims -- the most common reason for false rape lies is to hide a sudden, illicit but consensual sexual relationship. It's to save the liar's sweet ass. Trauma has nothing to do with it. But then again, why do I suspect that facts, that truth, mean nothing to persons like Dr. McGregor?

What would Dr. McGregor say of a rapist who raped because he was "traumatized"? Don't prosecute him?

Of course she would. Sure.

More likely she'd want to tie a wire around his testicles and rip them off. Let's be honest.

Dr. Kim McGregor is a clear danger to each and every penis-bearing human being.

We need to speak out about disgraceful comments such as Dr. McGregor's if we want to deter this sort of misandry from gaining even more respectability than it currently is afforded.


Rape-lie woman `model citizen'

A deaf Hamilton woman who falsely claimed she was raped and beaten during a home invasion has been described as a devout Christian and model citizen.

Kohine Dallas Pania Turanga appeared in the Hamilton District Court for sentencing on Monday after earlier pleading guilty to a charge of willfully attempting to pervert the cause of justice.

She was sentenced to four months' community detention and ordered to pay $5120 reparation.

Turanga made the false allegation last November, at a time when Hamilton police were investigating a series of alleged sex attacks.

She claimed a man forced his way into her Albert St, Hamilton East, home where he began a prolonged and vicious sexual attack. At the time police reported that she required medical attention.

The investigation into Turanga's rape complaint cost about $25,000.

Hamilton police yesterday welcomed Turanga's sentencing, saying it would serve as a deterrent to others.

Defence counsel Gina Jansen had told the court that Turanga suffered from depression and had sought professional help in an attempt to understand her actions. She said Turanga deeply regretted wasting police time and described the 41-year-old cleaner as a model citizen and committed Christian.

Judge Lindsay Moore said Turanga's complaint could have resulted in someone being falsely charged. She would have faced a jail sentence if it had not been for her psychiatric and psychological problems.

Judge Moore said Turanga's account to police had been graphic and detailed. "Fortunately it became apparent that the essential part of your story was untrue and no one was charged."

Judge Moore said it was unrealistic for Turanga to pay full reparation and warned the true cost of her offending would be paid by genuine rape victims subjected to court scrutiny.

But Acting Detective Senior Sergeant Nigel Keall, of Hamilton CIB, commenting later, said Turanga's prosecution should not deter genuine victims from coming forward.

The sentencing should be seen as reassurance to the community that such complaints were taken seriously and subject to robust investigation, Mr Keall said.

Last November, a Japanese woman, aged 21, said she was raped in Hamilton but later admitted making a false complaint. In March, a 17-year-old admitted falsely claiming she was raped in Hamilton.

Dr Kim McGregor, director of Auckland-based group Rape Prevention Education, said that about 2-10 per cent of rape claims were false, but an estimated 91 per cent of sex attacks were not reported. Dr McGregor said false rape allegations were often triggered by traumatic experiences and questioned the benefit of prosecution in such cases.