Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Radical feminist site gets it partially right

This is from a radical feminist site that appeared a couple of years ago:

There are good reasons for highlighting wrongful convictions such as this man's imprisonment, and his close call with execution. Correcting injustices and making sure the right people are convicted tops that list for me.

So what's a bad reason for highlighting wrongful rape convictions?

A desire to use one type of injustice to facilitate another injustice. A desire for the absolute freedom of rapists and sexual abusers/exploiters who don't commit sufficiently gruesome crimes.

As if all rapists start at gruesome.

What some people are most concerned about isn't that innocent men are found guilty of real rapes. It's that otherwise "good" men are charged with rape when they have just done what comes naturally.

This post doesn't espouse anything inaccurate, but it omits another valid reason for highlighting wrongful rape convictions: to inject false rape claims into the the public discourse about rape, a discourse that radical feminists have controlled for decades. Some radical feminists wrongly, and disingenuously, insist that false rape claims are a "myth."