Monday, October 20, 2008

Public Enemy Number One: Rus Funk

A newspaper article from Ohio reports on a speech delivered by a Mr. Rus Funk, a sexual assault advocate. Most of what Mr. Rus Funk says is worthwhile. But he obliterates whatever credibility he might have with his stark, blatant and unforgivable misandry. The article is here (from The Athens News). An excerpt:

A question from an audience member about false rape accusations provoked visible emotion to appear on Funk’s face. “Rape and domestic violence have the lowest reporting rates of all crimes,” he said, “and we do have a false reporting problem: too many women who have been raped say that they have not.”

At this assertion, the audience, silent for most of the workshop, applauded. He closed this line of conversation with, “The false issue of false reporting is misogynistic and a result of societal hatred for women.”

The audience, of course, is as uninformed as Mr. Rus Funk.

Mr. Rus Funk denies there is a false reporting problem despite the fact that at least 9 percent and probably closer to half of all sexual assault claims are false. See "Until Proven Innocent," the widely praised (praised even by the New York Times, which the book skewers) and painstaking study of the Duke Lacrosse case in which Stuart Taylor and Professor K.C. Johnson examined all of the major studies dealing with false claims of sexual assault. Does Mr. Rus Funk know better? For example, is Mr. Rus Funk spewing the lie preached by the sexual assault industry that only two percent of all rape claims are false? Then he needs to read this law review article, which debunks the two percent claim by tracing it to its source:

In addition, FBI statistics show that false reporting of sexual assault is fourfold greater than the average for all crimes. The Politics of Sexuality, Barry M. Dank, Editor in Chief, Vol. 3 at 36, n. 8.

And of course we need not even mention Prof. Eugene Kanin's landmark study on false sexual assault claims that found that 41% of the claims he examined were not just false but actually recanted. The number of false claims may been higher. Here is the study:

Mr. Rus Funk dismisses false reports in two ways:

First, he says that anyone daring to give them credence is a misogynist.

You read that correctly. He should come to this site and try to tell the countless men who read our postings each day and who write to me with often gutwrenching tales about their ordeals that they are nothing but worthless misogynists merely because they have the audacity to suggest they were victimized by a false rape claim.

You tell them, Mr. Rus Funk!

Mr. Rus Funk's sort of inane caterwauling -- really nothing more than the the yipping yapping death howl of radical gender feminism -- or is it the bow wow of the paid and biased sexual assault industry that never knew a man accused of rape who was innocent? -- reminds me of the time the brilliant Prof. Alan Dershowitz dared to discuss false rape reports in a Harvard Law School class. His efforts were rewarded by an accusation of sexual harassment. So much for enlightened Harvard Law School.

But labeling people who even want to discuss false rape claims as misogynists? There is, of course, no more effective way to cut off any possibility of serious and sincere dialogue on a subject than to brand the opposition as "evil." This is what Hitler did, and what every other tyrant throughout history has done. It is a tactic intended to work as a discussion closer, the serene ipse dixit of the demagogue to end all debate, now and forever -- Mr. Rus Funk's way of unilaterally declaring, "I win. The truth be damned, I win" -- because, you see, ideology trumps facts; the politics of resentment trumps common sense and rationality; and the abstract notion of female victimization and subjugation trumps the actual, true-to-life experiences of men and boys victimized by false accusations and convictions. "I win," said Mr. Rus Funk, "because I say I do."

But of course he doesn't. And the men falsely accused who read this blog know exactly what he is.

Second, Mr. Rus Funk resorts to the Radical Feminist Playbook and tries to minimize false rape claims not by talking about false rape claims or about any of the studies I've cited above, but by talking about an entirely different subject -- underreporting of actual rapes. This, of course, is akin to saying that the flu is not a problem at all because skin cancer exists.

I would just once like to hear the angry feminist left (and that includes you, Mr. Rus Funk) condemn false rape claims instead of dismissing them by talking about "underreporting" of actual rapes. You would do your constituents a favor because every time a woman or a girl makes a false rape claim, she reduces the credibility of actual rape victims. I acknowledge that there are far too many rapes, and we have said many times on this site that young men need to be educated about what "consent" is to help end rape. Why can't the angry feminist left acknowledge even once that false rape claims are a significant problem and that young women need to be educated about them? Why can't they acknowledge for one instant that men are destroyed by false claims?

Mr. Rus Funk is not to be taken seriously, of course. He is a hater. His shtick seems to be to preach to his choir of impressionable young women who are shocked, shocked I tell you, at the newsflash that half of the population of planet earth is arrayed against them. The truth be damned.

Putting aside inanities and pissants such as Mr. Rus Funk, two propositions are eminently reasonable and are not inconsistent: First, it is imperative to appreciate the concern that false accusations not dominate the discourse at the expense of dismissing prejudices true rape victims still face in certain respects. Second, removing false accusations from the discourse and dismissing the victimization of falsely accused men as a "myth" is not merely dishonest but morally grotesque. That position denigrates innocent men, substitutes factually incorrect feminist mantras for truth, and is, in fact, as hurtful as the ludicrous assertion that “she asked for it.”

Mr. Rus Funk, you can go to hell.