Monday, October 27, 2008

Feminist writer thinks the real victims of false rape claims are women, not the men who might be arrested

In an op-ed column found here, feminist write Jessica Vozel opines about the Ashley Todd case in a manner that disregards the real victims of false accusations of sexual assault -- innocent men and boys who are targeted as suspects due to such lies. Todd is the the young McCain supporter who falsely claimed that a black man carved a "B" in her face. Here is what Ms. Vozel wrote:

"But before the falsity of her report became clear, the media reported the story with the assumption of truth. It’s problematic, first of all, that her story was automatically believed – some speculate this was because she identified her attacker as being black and, as the Susan Smith case in 1995 proved, implicating a black perpetrator increases your chances of being believed. But it’s also problematic in another way: For every false police report filed by a woman about an incident of sexual assault, women who are actually sexually assaulted have a tougher time being believed. In a culture that already distrusts rape victims to the point where many never come forward, it’s dangerous and sad for legitimate victims when some of the most publicized sexual assault cases (Todd, the Duke rape case, etc.) end up being false reports."

First, it is shocking that we have a feminist who says it is "problematic" that a woman was
"automatically believed" when she accused a male of a brutal attack. This, of course, is exactly correct but why do I suspect that Ms. Vozel would not say this if the claim had been reported by a black woman who was also an Obama supporter and the alleged assailant was a white man?

Second, and not so shocking, is that a feminist misses the point entirely about the real harm of false reports of sexual assault cases. Ms. Vozel is more concerned about hypothetical, phantom, possible, could-be, even unborn rape victims who might be, possibly will be, may be dissuaded by such lies from coming forward, as opposed to the real victims of false rape claims -- the men and boys who actually are at risk of being arrested based on a lie. Innocent men and boys are too often considered to be nothing more than collateral damage in the war on rape, because false rape claims are typically viewed through a gynocentric lens that blinks at the harm they cause innocent men and boys. We've previously dealt with this peculiar and unfortunate phenomenon -- How women became the primary vicitms of a crime that only targest men

Third, Ms. Vozel wrties: "it’s dangerous and sad for legitimate victims when some of the most publicized sexual assault cases (Todd, the Duke rape case, etc.) end up being false reports." Ms. Vozel, pardon me for not sharing in your sadness. I am thrilled that three young Lacrosse players did not brutally rape a woman and won't have to spend decades behind prison bars. As we've previously pointed out, some radical feminists apparently would have preferred the accuser in the Duke case to have been brutally raped (or, more likely, to have her lie go undetected) as opposed to having the three young men declared "innocent," as occurred.