Thursday, October 2, 2008

False rape claims should be reclassified as hate crimes

False rape claims should be reclassified as hate crimes. Some feminists think that rape should be reclassified as a hate crime and their logic is all the more compelling with respect to false rape claims.

The feminists' logic is this: A hate crime is "a crime against the individual because of something that is part of them (not a crime against the individual’s property, possessions or actions): e.g. colour of skin, race, religion, gender, sexual preference. . . . . what is the most common gender-related hate crime but rape?" Likewise Culture and Family Institute Director Robert Knight testified in 1999: "Every rape is a crime against all women. It’s a crime against the community. It sends communities into sheer panic."

Rape is NOT a Hate Crime

First, an obvious correction -- a correction that suggests rape cannot be a "hate" crime: due to prison rape, a significant percentage of rape victims -- huge numbers, in fact -- are men. Generally, the victims are young men with no experience in the prison system, like Dwayne Dail who, as a teenager, was falsely convicted for a rape he did not commit and was wrongly incarcerated for 18 ½ years (you read that right -- 18 ½ years). In prison, terrible irony of terrible ironies, Mr. Dail was brutally raped and became a victim of the very crime he did not commit. Mr. Dail was falsely accused because he fit the "profile" -- he was male. No women are ever questioned by police when a woman claims she was raped, of course. Only men.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Dail's incredible ordeal happened right here in the United States of America. If you've never heard about it, if you're wondering why the news media did not make much more of it, it's probably due to several reasons. In our society, rape outside prison is considered an extremely serious crime; in contrast, prison rape is a punchline. Moreover, false rape claims are considered to be nothing more than a myth and Mr. Dail's suffering probably is looked upon as an aberration best ignored. In fact, the real victims of false rape claims are considered to be not the men who are actually falsely accused and whose lives are often destroyed, but rather hypothetical, phantom, possible, could-be, even unborn rape victims who might be, possibly will be, may be dissuaded by such lies from coming forward. And when society does acknowledge that some men and boys are falsely accused, those men and boys are often considered to be nothing more than collateral damage in the "more important" war on rape. Mr. Dail was "collateral damage," you see.

False Rape Claims ARE Hate Crimes

Second, in contrast to rape, virtually all false rape claims are directed at males. Even when a specific male is not identified, the general description provided to police is of a male, and often police target innocent males who match the fabricated description.

False rape claims victimize one group, and only group only, solely because of the class into which they were born -- males. How could this not be a hate crime?

A case in point is the news story, below. Because of the young woman's false rape claim, "many young men . . . felt intimidated and under suspicion after being quizzed by police over the attack." Yet the young woman false accuser received no jail time. Even false rape claims that do not name a specific male typically make suspects of specific men or boys. Sometimes those men or boys are arrested and even convicted. Always, their lives are affected for the worse, and sometimes their lives destroyed forever. Don't believe me? Spend several hours reviewing the news accounts posted in this very Web site.

Ladies and gentlemen, the victims of false rape claims are "guilty" of just one thing: being born with external genitalia. Men, first and foremost, need to understand that false rape claims are not a myth, they are common; that innocent men and boys are singled out solely because they are men and boys; and that a false rape claim is often the worst thing that can happen to anyone, male or female. Don't believe me. Read the actual news accounts of false rape claims that we post each weekday on this Web site.


False rape claim woman spared jail

A CHILDMINDER whose false rape claims sparked a £90,000 police probe avoided jail yesterday.

Gayle Sutherland, 19, told cops a mystery attacker raped her on a footpath on Orkney.

Extra officers were drafted in from the mainland and the investigation had a huge impact on the island.

But three months after the inquiry began, she finally confessed it was all lies.

Yesterday, she was shown mercy by sheriff Graeme Napier, who told the first offender that instead of being jailed she would have to carry out 300 hours' community service instead.

Kirkwall Sheriff Court heard that Sutherland's bogus claims created a climate of fear on the island in the run-up to last Christmas.

She claimed to have been attacked near her Kirkwall home on December 16 and repeated the claims during five police interviews.

Sue Foard, prosecuting, said Sutherland contacted a friend, claiming that someone "had forced themselves on her" and that she "was not sure what to think". Her boyfriend asked her if she had been raped, then called the police.

Miss Foard said the investigation used up 8000 hours of police time at a cost of £80,000.
Forensic work used up an extra 170 hours, at a cost of about £10,200.

She added: "This was a community that feared there was a rapist at large that could attack at any time."

Many young men also felt intimidated and under suspicion after being quizzed by police over the attack.

Sutherland told cops the truth in March this year. Earlier this month, she pled guilty to four charges, including making false representations to police, depriving the public of police services and rendering suspects liable to suspicion of rape.

David Edgar, defending, said Sutherland had been "greatly affected by the separation of her parents, although she was perhaps not conscious of that at the time".

Sheriff Napier told Sutherland: "You will never be able to repay some members of the public for the trouble you have caused."