Sunday, October 19, 2008

False rape accusers do not merit sympathy

Bravo to Phil Kadner for the following piece (see below) -- yet another on the Palos Heights false rape claim.

First, it is breathtaking that the public is expressing sympathy for a young woman who committed the crime of falsely reporting rape. Spend several hours reading this Web site and you will see that the crime this young woman committed has not infrequently led to innocent men and boys being wrongly convicted of the vile crime of rape. There are innumerable examples of males being arrested on the basis of such lies -- they are extremely common, and we try to track them in this Web site.

Think about your son, father, husband, boyfriend, uncle or brother being tossed into a jail cell for a rape he did not commit, then tell me how much sympathy you have for this false accuser.

And, of course, these same people who feel sorry for the young woman would also feel sorry for a troubled, mentally disturbed 17-year-old boy who raped. Ah, right. More likely some would call for his castration.

As you can imagine, no sympathy is heaped upon the business owner who actually employed the liar -- you know, took a chance on her, paid her salary and all that. Why? Because he allowed her to do a job that is potentially dangerous -- close up the shop after dark. Um, gee, I suspect that if the employer had a 17-year-old boy do this job, nobody would be criticizing him. Because we all know that 17-year-old boys are able to fight off gun toting robbers with great ease. I also suspect that this employer pays the girl what he would pay a boy -- you know, equality and all that fairness stuff. So perhaps the employer shouldn't be vilified merely because he treated this young woman as if she were an equal member of the human race. (I also hope that this employer realizes that dishonesty is a common basis for firing at will employees.)

Secondly, I marvel at the folks who want to use a false rape claim as an occasion for a teaching moment to instill fear in the populace about real rape, as if rape has anything to do with this lie. Never once does it occur to these enlightened Chicken Littles, so caught up in the girl's fabricated rape hysteria, that the false rape claim should provide an occasion for a teaching moment about -- false rape claims.


No compassion for store owner in evil lie


phil kadner

There's a lot of compassion out there for the 17-year-old girl who cried rape in Palos Heights.

Here's a small sampling of some of the comments I have heard since Friday, when an attorney for the girl's family announced her accusation was bogus.

"That girl is very confused. I feel sorry for her."

"I feel so sorry for her parents."

"She had to be facing a major crisis in her life to do this."

"Maybe she has some sort of mental problem. Why else would she make up a story like that?"
Maybe because she's evil, wicked and self-absorbed.

"No one should judge her, or her parents, until we have the whole story."

Great. But the parents, through their attorney, are saying the public is not entitled to the whole story.

In almost every case, I asked the compassionate people for their thoughts about the owner of the sandwich shop, T.J. Grinders, where the girl worked.

There had been a lot of criticism of that fellow for allowing a 17-year-old to close the store after dark.

"He was still wrong for letting her close," I was told.

"If one good thing came out of this, I hope parents are more aware of their children working in dangerous situations."

"Anything could happen to a 17-year-old girl left in a store by herself."

Yes, Anything could happen. But nothing did happen to this particular girl. She was not in danger. She was not harmed. She made up this story.

All the people expressing compassion for the 17-year-old who lied apparently have none for a businessman who has been ridiculed because of her lie.

In fact, one of the things that struck me was that in the apology issued by the family's lawyer there is no apology to the store owner.

Tough luck, buddy. You hired a 17-year-old. You trusted her to lock up. You deserve what you get.

In order to understand why a girl would make up a story like this, you first have to know what her story really is. I haven't heard it. The family has asked the public to respect their privacy.

But this no longer is a private matter. The police became involved. The entire community was out hunting for a non-existent attacker.

I think people have the right to some basic information here.

When did the parents find out their daughter was lying?

Did she confess voluntarily, or was she confronted by evidence, gathered by police, that proved her story was bogus?

Why did she wait nearly a month to admit she had made up the rape story?

Her right to privacy, it seems to me, ended when this "courageous young lady," as some called her, distributed fliers in the community in an effort to track down her rapist.

There was no need to do that.

She could have said she was too traumatized to participate in that sort of thing. People would have understood.

If she had once thought this was just a little lie told for some personal reason, it should have now been apparent to her at that point that the consequences of her lie had gotten very serious indeed.

Instead of backing off, she got involved. That doesn't seem innocent to me. It seems self-indulgent.

As for compassion, I wonder how many people would express the same understanding for a 17-year-old inner city kid accused of raping a girl in a suburban fast-food store?

Anybody want to withhold judgment until he's actually convicted of a crime?

Anybody feeling sorry for his parents, or are you saying "Just like those people to do something like that?"

The number one excuse I've heard for the 17-year-old's behavior is that "she probably didn't realize how serious all of this would get."

Are you telling me she never read "To Kill a Mockingbird," which is a story about a girl who falsely accuses a man of rape?

There have been dozens of movies and maybe hundreds of television programs on the same theme. This was a particularly nasty lie.

Instead of worrying about self-defense classes or whether teenagers lock up a store after dark, maybe people should sit down and discuss with their children what it means to lie about a crime or engage in a conspiracy to invent a lie about a crime.

I suspect someone knew this girl was lying from the start and kept quiet about it.

Yes, I think the restaurant owner deserves an apology.

I also think the public deserves an explanation.

Until then, I reserve my compassion for people who are worthy of it.