Wednesday, October 22, 2008

College woman lies about rape; miracle - someone is actually glad no rape occurred

In the news stories below, a college student lied that she had been raped. The reactions to this revelation are most interesting:

The Dean of Students made a refreshing statement one rarely hears in these situations: that he is grateful that no rape occurred. Does anyone ever recall hearing a sexual assault counselor or a radical feminist say that? For example, after it turned out the Duke Lacrosse accuser lied?

In fact, the reaction after the Duke lacrosse players were declared "innocent" by the state's attorney general (his word, not mine) was exactly the opposite -- anger and disappointment. Think about that: some radical feminists apparently would have preferred the accuser to have been brutally raped (or, more likely, to have her lie go undetected) as opposed to having the three young men declared "innocent," as occurred. Three totally innocent young men were released from a year-long hell, and the only thing that some radical feminists could muster was to angrily declare that "something must have happened" the night of the alleged rape. This despite the fact that irrefutable evidence shows nothing happened. You see, they had the perfect narrative -- privileged young white male athletes, a poor struggling black woman trying to make her way in the world -- except there was no rape. There was a crime -- the woman made a false police report, but I didn't hear a single radical feminist condemn it. Not one. Is there a better indication of their utter contempt for men and boys wrongly accused of rape? That may be the saddest, most twisted aspect of that entire case. It is symptomatic of the gender divisive and dysfunctional "rape culture" these unbalanced women have manufactured that presumes rampant, unpunished male subjugation of females.

Getting back to the news story below: The other interesting reaction is from the college woman who is still scared and, despite the assurance that "nothing" happened, still thinks "something" happened. This is proof of the uphill climb men face when they are falsely accused -- the very accusation becomes fact in the minds of far too many people, an assumption planted by the rape hysteria fanned by an over-eager news media looking for sensational subjects to report. It also underscores the need for men charged with rape to be anonymous until convicted. A rape charge differs from any other claim in terms of the stigma and the harm it does to innocent persons, and the media, and the law, need to start acknowledging that reality.

In the second story, the woman's motive is revealed: to cover up a sexual relationship with another student -- the most common motive for lying about rape.


AU student lied about rape

ANDERSON — An alleged rape on the campus of Anderson University last week was falsely reported, a university official said Tuesday.

Dean of Students Brent Baker announced to students during a morning chapel service that a female student lied when she told campus police she had been raped Oct. 6.

“At the conclusion of the investigation by the Anderson Police Department, they’ve determined— and we’re in agreement— that a false rape report was filed,” Baker told the large crowd of students gathered at Reardon Auditorium.

“At one level I’m so grateful that this situation has come to some resolution,” Baker went on to say. “We’ve come to find out that our campus was not victimized by a danger from outside our walls nor by an unknown person who lives among us.”

Anderson University and Anderson police announced Oct. 7 that a female student in her early 20s told campus police the previous day that she had been raped by a black man wearing a mask after returning to her campus apartment.

Senior Lauren Burke said rumors of the false charge had been circulating. around the campus for days but it was good to finally know the truth.

Since hearing of the rape last Tuesday, Burke said she has had her landlord upgrade the locks to her off-campus apartment and enrolled in a self dense class. She said knowing the rape did not occur doesn’t make safety less of a priority.

“It’s something we should have been aware of before,” she said. In reality, we don’t know exactly what happened. I don’t think nothing happened either.”



Police: Campus Rape Report False

Student Made Up Allegation To Cover Relationship, Police Say

ANDERSON, Ind. -- Police said Thursday that an Anderson University student who claimed she was raped in her campus apartment last week made up the story.

School officials had sent a campus-wide e-mail to warn students about the rape report.

The student, whose identity was not released, is facing a charge of filing a false report.

A spokesman for the Anderson police department said the student was trying to cover up a sexual relationship with another student.

The woman told police that a man dressed in all black and wearing a ski mask attacked her at her on-campus apartment.