Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Another college woman makes a false rape claim

In the news story below, a college woman lied that she was raped, and a description of the made-up man who supposedly raped her was circulated on campus.

After the story unraveled, the woman confessed. It is possible that the reason the story unraveled was because no such man matching the description was found. If the police happened to find some hapless guy fitting the description, it is quite possible that the young woman would have allowed "justice" to play itself out rather than confess her lie. All indications are that she only confessed because no evidence supported her lie. If a man happened to fit the description, it is possible that he would have been arrested, tried and convicted. His life destroyed.

And suppose you or a loved one happened to match that description.

How many more examples must we provide, day in and day out, about the dangers of false rape claims?


Police: College campus rape report false

MENIFEE ---- College police have determined that a woman's report of being raped in a campus restroom earlier this week was false.

An 18-year-old student reported Oct. 1 that she had been raped five days earlier on the Menifee campus, Mt. San Jacinto College Police Chief Kevin Segawa said Friday.

Although police found several inconsistencies in the woman's account of what happened, they initially believed that could be attributed to the trauma of the alleged attack.

Police decided it was important to alert the campus community of the possible danger, including a description of the man, and a campuswide safety bulletin was distributed.

However, a doctor's examination of the woman determined there was no physical evidence of a rape, Karin Marriott, spokeswoman for the college district, said Friday.

The student has since admitted her report was untrue, Marriott said.

Link: http://www.northcountytimes.com/articles/2008/10/03/news/californian/menifee/z715e661a71b97933882574d7007aa88f.txt