Saturday, October 4, 2008

'Allegations like this are easily made, and the accusation alone destroys lives.'

We have no idea what happened in the story below, except that a twenty-year career is in shambles because of a rape allegation -- whether the man did it or not.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, tells you everything you need to know that there is something terribly wrong with the system. We convict men and boys before a scrap of evidence is introduced in trial based on nothing more than the say-so of an accuser -- we convict them in the court of last resort, the court of public opinion. The news outlets are complicit partners in the rush to judgment, happily spreading the name of a hapless male who's been accused of this most vile crime.

As we have seen multiple times on this Web site, the woman often turns out to be a liar. Yes, often. And I can back up that claim with fact, not angry feminist left propaganda. But by the time her lie is exposed, it's often too late, the man's life will never be right.

In the story below, a woman says the man committed a vile crime; the man says that the woman is lying, which is itself a vile crime. Yet only the man is arrested; only the man's name is splashed all over the news for the world to titillate to his humiliation while his accuser is shrouded in anonymity; only the man's life will be ruined regardless of whether or not she is lying.

I would just once like to hear the angry feminist left condemn false rape claims instead of dismissing them by talking about "underreporting" of actual rapes. I acknowledge that there are far too many rapes, and we have said many times on this site that young men need to be educated about what "consent" is and about rape. Why can't the angry feminist left acknowledge for even one instant that false rape claims are a significant problem and that young women need to be educated about them?

Why can't they acknowledge for one instant that men are destroyed by claims such as this, regardless of their truth?

Until they do that, their mission to enhance awareness about rape will remain deeply flawed, imbued with misplaced misandry and the twisted ideology of retribution about perceived past sins of "the patriarchy" against women.


Contra Costa County prosecutor charged with raping colleague

The state Attorney General"s Office reviewed possible charges Friday against a veteran Contra Costa sex crimes prosecutor who has been arrested on suspicion of rape.

By Malaika Fraley
Bay Area News Group

The California Attorney General's Office reviewed possible charges Friday against a veteran Contra Costa County sex-crimes prosecutor who has been arrested on suspicion of rape.

Michael Gressett, 51, remained jailed in lieu of $1 million bail following his arrest Thursday morning a block away from the district attorney's office headquarters in downtown Martinez.

Gressett was held on suspicion of felony rape, forced oral copulation, sodomy and penetration with a foreign object.

The suspected victim is another deputy district attorney, investigators said.

The attorney general's office, which is handling the case because of Gressett's position as a county prosecutor, has until Monday morning to file charges before authorities must release him from custody.

Gressett's defense attorney, Michael Cardoza, said the allegations against Gressett are "absolutely false" but are nonetheless guaranteed to wreak devastation on his 20-plus year career as a prosecutor.

"The legal community has been shaken to its core — most everyone is in disbelief," Cardoza said.

"Allegations like this are easily made, and the accusation alone destroys lives. We will be fighting this to the very end."

Martinez police Cmdr. Eric Ghisletta said police became aware of the allegations last week. An investigation developed enough information to obtain warrants for an arrest and a search of Gressett's Martinez home, where several items of evidence were seized.

The affidavit used to obtain the search warrant has been sealed by a judge.

The suspected rape occurred several months ago, and the woman reported it to her supervisor on Sept. 26 before contacting police.

Cardoza said exploring the accuser's background will be part of the investigation.

The district attorney's office made no comment on Gressett's arrest other than reporting that he has been placed on administrative leave.