Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Woman arrested for lying that white male raped her and forced her to drink alcohol

Behind every false rape claim, there is generally some motivation. In many of the news accounts, such as the one below, the motivations are not stated. But this much is clear: in many if not most of these cases, young women tell lies that they don't intend to spiral out of control. They don't intend to hurt a specific male by crying rape, and name only an unspecified, phantom male. But sometimes their lies do spiral out of control and hurt innocent men and boys, not to mention real rape victims whose cries are viewed with a jaundiced eye because of such lies.

It would be helpful if young people were educated about the dangers of false rape claims -- about how seemingly little white lies can spiral out of control, mainly because the police invariably take rape claims very seriously and sometimes nab an innocent man.

Sadly, sexual assault counselors are content to deny that false rape claims even exist and so are unlikely to help spearhead any effort to educate our young people about them. That effort must fall to people like us who do take such claims seriously.


Cartersville Woman Arrested for Lying About Rape

Erica Ansley Emmett of Cartersville was arrested in Bartow County for allegedly lying to investigators about a recently reported sex crime and theft. According to Bartow County Sheriff Clark Millsap, Emmett came into the office Monday and confessed she lied about being raped around last Saturday night.

Emmett is charged with one count of False Report of a Crime and one count of Making False Statements.

She told investigators she was kidnapped from the area of Guyton Industrial Blvd and Peeples Valley Road by a white male in a pickup truck who drove her to a wooded area off Highway 20
where she was drugged, forced to drink alcohol and raped.

In addition, Emmett is also charged with an additional charge of False Report of a Crime after she allegedly lied to deputies about medication she reported stolen from her home the next day.