Friday, September 12, 2008

Police: Rape claim looks to be false

An entire community is on edge -- but police think it's yet another false rape claim. It certainly sounds like it.

With rampant false rape claims, will people eventually come to automatically regard rape claims as false?

Which is one reason why our daughters need to be taught not to invent rape claims.


Police: Reported rape in Dilworth may be false

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- A Charlotte neighborhood is on edge after two reported attacks in the Dilworth area in just two days. But police are concerned the reported crimes may have been made up.

"She's put our community in fear. It's kind of a community that already has been in a little bit of fear," said Dilworth resident Susan Osborn.

A woman claimed she was kidnapped along East Boulevard by three men and raped.

Privately, police are having their doubts about the case because the woman lied about her address and they have not been able to get in touch with her since the initial report.

"When something like that is fabricated, you know, it scares us because we're college students and it must scare our parents too," said Hannah Demarco.

Demarco runs cross country for Queens University. She was concerned when she heard about the alleged rape.

Rumors dragged the Greek Festival, which was going on at the time, into the situation. But police say the woman never said she attended or even passed by the festival.

"Takes time and energy away from finding real criminals and stuff," Osborn said. "It took the focus off good events that happened that day."

Police have been looking in Chester and Rock Hill, S.C., for the alleged rape victim. A rape kit was performed, but that does not mean a crime occurred. Investigators are still waiting for the results.

Officers are making an appeal to the victim, asking her to call them. They say it’s possible she made a mistake with her contact information and it would speed their investigation if she would call in.

Meanwhile, days after the reported rape, a young boy claimed he was kidnapped in the Dilworth neighborhood, but police say they have not found any facts to support that assertion.