Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Police allow political correctness to cloud their common sense on rape claim

In this story, a 22-year-old woman claimed on September 5 that she was abducted and raped by three Hispanic men. They forced her into a green pickup, she said, then took her to an open area nearby and raped her.

She was hospitalized with injuries but disappeared before detectives could interview her further.

Detectives soon discovered that the woman had used a fictitious name and address. After several days of searching, police found the woman a week later at a hotel and interviewed her again.

Well, now she's changed her story but still insists she's a rape victim.

Now the woman admits she was hanging out with one of the men and was raped by two other men. In addition, the woman's previous description of her attackers' clothes was inaccurate, police said. And after her most recent interview with police, the woman was arrested on outstanding misdemeanor warrants for larceny and damage to property in Charlotte. She also faces pending drug charges in South Carolina.

After all that, the police are continuing their search for three hapless Hispanic men. And Deputy Chief David Graham even said this: “We think something happened to her. It's our duty to find out what.”

You see, it would be the height of political incorrectness for a police officer to say that "we have grave doubts about her claim" in light of her other falsehoods. Even though any person would common sense would think that. He must say, "we think something happened," and be sure to note that "it's our duty" to investigate it.

And, no, dear readers, we don't know for certain what happened to the young lady. She apparently suffered some sort of injury, somehow. But here is what we do know. We know for sure that she lied about one man's guilt, at least. She originally said there were three rapists; now she says that she was actually with one of the men and only two Hispanic men supposedly raped her.

Suppose the police had actually arrested three men and charged them with rape? At least one would have been wrongly charged, but hey, who's counting? It's just men were talking about. Hispanic men, at that.

We also know that she lied to the police about the clothing they were wearing.

We also know that she lied to the police about her name and address.

We also know there are larceny and drug charges pending against her.

Despite all this, the radical feminist sexual assault community would tell us that we must assume this woman was raped.

Seriously. That is what they would tell us. We must assume she was raped for no reason other than the fact that she said it. Despite all her other lies.

And maybe the police will find two -- or three -- hapless Hispanic men who match one of the woman's descriptions -- it's enough if they match just one of her descriptions. The police can arrest them, make sure their names are splashed all over the newspaper so the world can titillate to the details of their humiliation; their lives would be hell, and even if they are not charged or convicted, they would be forever tainted as likely rapists. But, hey, the police were just doing their "duty" to investigate, right?

And the "victim" will retain her precious anonymity forever, as she so clearly deserves. Let's not even bring up the fact that we know she is guilty of at least one count of false reporting of rape -- you remember: she originally said there were three men involved in the rape and now she's downgraded that to just two. If the police interview her enough, we may find out there never was a green pick up or any men at all, just an old woman on a bike.

You don't think the police will arrest two or three Hispanic men and hold them while they investigate this "rape"? Then you haven't been reading this Web site for long, have you?

Things even stranger than that happen in our false rape culture. Much, much stranger.