Wednesday, September 24, 2008

One of the most important things we can do to fight rape: teach girls not to make false rape claims

Despite all their twisting and pounding, the feminists have convinced only their devotees that false rape claims are a "myth." The rest of us ain't buying it.

News account after news account posit a mind-numbing cavalcade of false rape reports and support the objectively verifiable figures showing that false rape claims are a real and significant problem. In the face of all that, only one who is drunk on the laughing gas of radical gender feminism could possibly believe that false rape claims are a "myth," or convince herself that the two percent figure frequently cited for false claims but thoroughly and repeatedly debunked has some basis in fact.

What is also true is that in case after case, police bemoan the effect that false accusations have on real rape victims: real rape victims are less likely to be believed because of false claims. Since they are less likely to be believed, they are less likely to come forward. This is common sense: it is difficult to get the public to presume the validity of a rape claim when injustices to innocent men are common.

So what is the solution?

The radical feminists' solution is to put their heads in the sand and keep on pretending that false rape claims are a "myth" and that women are essentially incapable of lying about rape.

For those of us concerned about eradicating rape and false rape claims, the solution is obvious: just as we should teach our sons about "consent" and to respect women's bodies, so should we teach our daughters that false rape claims do immeasurable damage not only to the innocent men and boys falsely accused but also to real rape victims. And we should teach them that false rape claims are a crime that may be punished by jail time.

If we could eradicate false rape claims or render them a de minimis problem, we would wrap real rape claims in a cloak of presumed validity. If women hardly ever lied about rape, the claims of real rape victims would be afforded greater respect, more victims would come forward, fewer innocent men would be unjustly deprived of their liberty, and more rapists would be imprisoned.

This logic is unassailable. The only thing standing in the way is that in the area of rape, common sense is trumped by a radical left political agenda.