Saturday, September 6, 2008

If abortion were outlawed except in cases of rape, expect to see a jump in false rape claims -- not so with a total ban on abortion

Possibly the most divisive issue in this election, as it has been for several presidential elections, is abortion. The Supreme Court appears to be divided 5-4 on the issue. The Republican platform calls for the outlaw of abortion, including abortions where conception occurs by rape and incest. But some Republicans want a rape and incest exception.

If abortion were to be outlawed with a rape exception, it is fair to assume we would see a dramatic, and frightening, spike in false rape claims. Men and boys would be imprisoned on false charges of rape in record numbers. This is common sense because some women wishing to procure an abortion would sacrifice their lovers to years behind bars by falsely accusing them of rape.

If, on the other hand, rape were outlawed without any rape exception, we should not expect to see any such jump in false rape claims.