Thursday, September 11, 2008

Yet another in a mind-numbing cavalcade of false rape claims by teenagers

The news story below is yet another in a mind-numbing cavalcade of false rape claims posited by a teenager (very few false rape claims reported in the news accounts are made by older women). And again, it bears repeating that many false rape claims identifying unknown mystery attackers as the supposed assailant have led to the arrest and sometimes the conviction of poor, hapless men or boys who just happened to fit the imaginary descriptions.

The most frightening thing about this story is the false accuser's tenacity: she lied to police in five (5) different interviews over the course of three months. Five. For the radicals who contend that women don't lie about rape, this story is fairly damning evidence that sometimes they do, and repeatedly.


Teenager who lied about rape claim faces jail

Teenager who lied about rape claim faces jail

A TEENAGE child minder who falsely cried rape was told yesterday that she could be jailed.

Gayle Sutherland, 19, sparked a major police probe in Orkney when she claimed a mystery attacker had raped her on a footpath.

Extra cops had to be drafted in from the mainland to help with the inquiry and the case caused alarm in the islands.

Sutherland said she was raped on December 16 last year. She lied to police in five interviews over three months before finally confessing.

At Kirkwall Sheriff Court yesterday, she pled guilty to four charges including making false representations to police, depriving the public of police services and rendering suspects liable to suspicion of rape.

The court heard that the case had a huge impact in Orkney, where sex crimes are very rare.

Sheriff Graeme Napier deferred sentence until next month for background reports.

He told Sutherland, a first offender from Clay Loan, Kirkwall: " This is a very serious offence. A custodial sentence is a likely, if not a necessary, outcome. But I will look at other alternatives."