Monday, September 22, 2008

Appalling: Men who lied about rape are called guilty of "wishful thinking"

The story below is enlightening.

First, it is appalling that two men lied about being raped. This story illustrates that the crime of false reporting of rape can cross genders. It is almost always a woman or girl who lies about rape because biology has given men penises, an enhanced sex drive, and generally greater strength than women. But because women can rape, too, men can also lie about being raped.

Second, the government's reaction to the claims is also appalling. Since when does anyone wish to be raped? Do men enjoy being raped because they get to ejaculate? How utterly revolting that the crime of rape is deemed a sexual act and not an crime of violence. The essence of rape is one human being using another against the latter's will as the former's sexual plaything. To suggest that men "wish" to be raped suggests that men would prefer to sacrifice their agency, their free will, for the "chance" to ejaculate. The misandry underlying that suggestion is monumental.


Male rape cases were ‘wishful thinking’

SENSATIONAL allegations about a female rape gang targeting male hitchhikers have been found to be lies.

Police have opened cases against two men who lied about being raped by women in two separate incidents this year.

In a statement entitled “Wishful thinking” Rustenburg police issued a stern warning yesterday against the abuse of police time and resources.

In July , a 58-year-old man told Rustenburg police he had been raped by three women, Constable Botshelo Mothutsane said.

He claimed that three women in a black BMW had offered him a lift to Kroondal and then abducted him and took turns having sex with him for three days.

“The man gave a thorough description of two of the women, and identity kits were compiled and released to the media,” Mothutsane said.

While the case was being investigated, a 23- year-old man told Rustenburg police in September that he too had been raped, by four women driving a black BMW.

He said he had been offered a lift to Kroondal and then forced to drink fruit juice at gunpoint.

"He alleged that the juice he drank made him sexually active and he became unconscious, only waking up the next morning in the bushes near the Phokeng and Sun City turn-off on the Swartruggens road,” said Mothutsane.

“He claimed that he could not recall or identify the ladies.”

After a thorough investigation, it was found that both men were lying. Police did not elaborate on how the men were found out. The 53- year-old was arrested on Tuesday and would appear in the Rustenburg Magistrates’ Court .

The 23-year-old was arrested on September 10 and was granted bail after appearing in court last Friday.

“In future, members from the public might even be liable to reimburse the SAPS for costs incurred,” Mothutsane said. — DDC