Friday, August 8, 2008

Woman falsely cries rape to provide alibi for cheating on her boyfriend

Here is another case where a woman falsely cried rape to cover up an illicit sexual relationship from someone -- in this case, her boyfriend. This is probably the most frequent motivation for rape lies.

Lies of this type that don't identify specific men often are not intended to hurt innocent men; however, such lies are inherently dangerous because sometimes they mushroom out of control, and eventually an innocent man or boy may be targeted as a suspect and even charged and convicted -- sometimes destroying his life beyond repair.

It is for this reason that even lies that don't specifically name individual men or boys need to be punished. If a recantation occurs quickly before a male is targeted as a person of interest, the punishment should not be severe. After all, prompt recantations are to be encouraged at all costs.


Investigator's follow-up catches 'victim' out

A Tembisa woman has been arrested for bringing a false rape charge against four men, Gauteng police said on Friday.

Constable Tebogo Sesing said the 20-year-old woman, of Moteong Section, laid the case in July.

"She told the police that she was walking down the street late in the evening when she was approached by four unknown men."

They forcefully took her to an unknown house at Seotlana section. The four men took turns raping her. She managed to run away the following morning while the four men were still sleeping," he said.

However, when a police investigator questioned the woman a second time, she confessed to having brought a false rape case.

She told the police she had been afraid to tell her boyfriend where she had slept, as she had spent the night with another man.

Sesing said the woman was immediately arrested and was being detained at the Tembisa police station holding cells. - Sapa