Sunday, August 17, 2008

Flashback: Keep this quote in the back of your mind while reading this Web site

Remember this famous quote, from a 1991 Time Magazine article by Catherine Comins? Ms. Comins was then a vice president at Vassar. She was discussing men who are victimized by false allegations of rape. The misandry is breathtaking beyond words:

Comins argues that men who are unjustly accused can sometimes gain from the experience. "They have a lot of pain, but it is not a pain that I would necessarily have spared them. I think it ideally initiates a process of self-exploration. 'How do I see women?' 'If I didn't violate her, could I have?' 'Do I have the potential to do to her what they say I did?' Those are good questions."

Imagine if we suggested that we wouldn't necessarily spare women from the pain of a rape, for one reason or other. One would think we were insane -- and correctly so -- not to mention misogynists of the first order.

Based on this quotation alone, without knowing anything more about her, is Ms. Comins both insane and a misandrist?

The question scarcely survives its statement.