Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Woman lies that her ex-boyfriend raped her even though she had no contact with him for months

Another frightening news account of a woman who had no compunction about sending her ex-boyfriend away to prison, possibly for decades, for a rape he could not possibly have committed.

The cruelty of many false rape accusers, such as this woman, is bottomless.

In his landmark study of false rape claims, Professor Eugene Kanin singled out false claims motivated by revenge as the most dangerous kinds of false claims: "Because the suspect is always identified, the false allegations potentially pose the greatest danger for a miscarriage of justice."

This type of false rape claim merits the most severe penalty available to judges.

To suggest that the woman's mental state should furnish grounds for mitigating any sentence for this crime is to ignore that fact that no woman in her "right" mind would do something so malicious; that certainly is not the criteria for determining the severity of a punishment or else our jails would be empty. This woman and her ilk are threats to innocent men and boys and their loved ones, and they need to be punished severely. Severely. Not 30 days; not 60 days. Severely.

Note that despite the innocent man's alibi, the investigation took a month to conclude, and all the while the charges mercilessly hung over his head. In addition, the false accuser was able to go to court to obtain a protective order against him (essentially any woman can get a protective order just by lying).

This is another in a cavalcade of frightening examples of the fact that innocent men and teenage boys are at the mercy of any woman or girl who deigns to cry rape. Exaggeration, you say? There are too many true-life examples of that very thing, as chronicled on this Web site, to suggest that it's an exaggeration.

And kindly don't try to convince the regular readers of this blog that false claims are a rarity or a "myth." That is an outright lie. Sadly, it would be more accurate to call false claims an epidemic.


Woman arrested for lying to police about rape

July 21, 2008

Police arrested a Pocono Pines woman after they say she admitted lying to investigators when she accused her ex-boyfriend of assault and rape.

Elissa Easterling, 27, is accused of lying to Pocono Mountain Regional Police by falsely accusing a man of beating and raping her.

After originally telling police and court officials that she was assaulted on two occasions and raped once by her ex-boyfriend, she later said she “has problems” and that she had not had any contact with the man in months.

During the course of a month-long investigation after she told police she had been assaulted, police corroborated the man’s alibi and determined that Easterling had fabricated her reports.

She also testified in order to get a protective order against the man, under oath at Monroe County Court, that she had been raped. The protective order was granted.

When police confronted her with the evidence that she was lying, police say she admitted to making up the assaults. Easterling said the man did not harm her in any way.

She was taken to Monroe County Correctional Facility where she will be charged with perjury and making false reports.

Link: http://www.poconorecord.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20080721/NEWS/80721015