Monday, July 21, 2008

Woman falsely accused ex-boyfriend of rape following consensual sex -- to keep her current boyfriend from breaking up with her

The following incident fits in the category that Prof. Eugene Kanin's landmark study of false rape claims identified as the most common motive for false rape claims -- it served the woman's "need to provide a plausible explanation" for a sexual encounter with a male acquaintance. In other words, an alibi.

Here, the young woman had consensual sex with her ex-boyfriend and then feared that if her current boyfriend found out, he would break up with her. So she claimed the ex raped her.

Consider how ruthless this young woman is: she was willing to sacrifice her ex-boyfriend to a felony prison term -- and destroy his life forever -- to insure her current boyfriend would not discover her unfaithfulness.

Chronicling these false rape stories can, at times, be almost unbearably depressing. This sort of story illustrates why.


False rape claim lands woman in jail

Originally posted by ABC7 News on: Friday, July 18, 2008Last updated on: 7/18/2008 1:09:42 PM

CHARLOTTE COUNTY: A Punta Gorda woman was jailed Friday after an investigation revealed she filed a false rape report, according to the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office.

Morgan Lynn Brown, 18, of 416 Allen St., has been charged with perjury.

Brown told detectives on May 26 that her ex-boyfriend raped her in his Englewood home when she was there to retrieve the last of her belongings after she moved out, reports said.

She said he ignored her pleas to stop and continued to have sexual intercourse. Ater the assault, she dressed, ran out of the house and drove away, reports said.

When Brown met Major Crimes Unit detectives, detectives she said she wanted to press charges and see her ex-boyfriend go to jail, reports said.

But when MCU detectives met with her ex-boyfriend, he had a different story and adamantly denied forcing himself on Brown.

He said that when she came over to pick up her things, he helped her load them into her vehicle, reports said.

He said after they had consensual sex, he walked her to her car and she asked him if she could have a hug, authorities said.

The ex-boyfriend showed detectives his cell phone with various text messages from Brown after they had sex, reports said.

Detectives re-interviewed Brown due to inconsistencies in her earlier statements and showed her copies of the text messages, authorities said.

They learned that Brown was not raped, that she and her ex did have consensual intercourse and that she was afraid that if her current boyfriend found out he would break up with her.

Based on the false statements, she was arrested and charged, authorities said.