Thursday, July 31, 2008

When will it end? Another woman lies about rape

In the news story below, another woman lied that she was raped. Fortunately she didn't pin the charge on any specific male before her lie was outed.

Assistant Commonwealth's Attorney Louis Nagy is to be commended for recognizing the ultimate victim of false rape claims -- innocent men: "Luckily she didn't name any names," said Nagy. "The stigma [of being falsely accused of rape] can be insurmountable to recover from."

Imagine if women routinely claimed they were raped by a "black man" or a "Jewish man" or a "Hispanic man." I suspect you'd hear any outcry of protest from the black, Jewish and Hispanic communities. Yet women freely target "men" all the time in their rape lies, and it's not a hate crime, directed at a specific gender?

The woman may not have had malicious intent but many a false rape claim involving an allegation of some unnamed, unknown, phantom, indeterminate perpetrator has resulted in some innocent man or boy being targeted as a person of interest, and sometimes even convicted and sent to prison for years and years. Sometimes behind bars he becomes victim of the very crime of which he was falsely accused.

The emotional turmoil on a man or boy falsely suspected of rape -- facing possibly decades in prison for a crime he didn't commit -- is often worse than an actual rape itself.

Lives have been ruined on the basis of such lies.

So excuse me if I don't feel sorry for this poor mentally troubled woman. The politically incorrect crime of false rape reports, a crime of which no one wants to speak, won't stop until the liars are punished for putting innocent men at risk.


Rescue Squad Member Admits Rape Report False

Rescue Squad Member Admits Rape Report False
Posted 2008-07-30

Grottoes Life Saver Enters Plea

By Pete DeLea

HARRISONBURG - The former president of the Grottoes Rescue Squad, who claimed she was attacked and raped outside the rescue squad building on Augusta Avenue last month, pleaded guilty on Friday to filing a false police report.

Kimberly Dawn Pendleton, 37, of Grottoes, pleaded guilty to the misdemeanor charge in Rockingham County General District Court. Judge John A. Paul sentenced Pendleton to a suspended 30-day jail term and required her to write a public letter of retraction.

At the time of the incident, Pendleton was president of the rescue squad and was an active member, according to the squad's Web site.

Pendleton's attorney, Bill Helsley, said his client is going through a rough time, adding that her entire life has been dedicated to helping others.

"Good people sometimes have difficult times," Helsley said.

The Case

On June 2, prosecutors said, the Grottoes Police Department responded to a call at the rescue squad and found Pendleton lying in the grass behind an ambulance.

When rescuers got there, police said, she appeared to be unconscious, according to prosecutors. They said she told officers she had been attacked from behind and raped. She did not name anyone specifically as her alleged attacker.

Assistant Commonwealth's Attorney Louis Nagy said one of the things that made police suspicious of the claim of rape was Pendleton's refusal to undergo a full rape kit at the hospital.

Only a partial rape examination was performed, Nagy said.

Pendleton's behavior led police to investigate the incident further and, during subsequent interviews, she retracted the claim. Pendleton was charged on June 19 with filing a false police report.

Pendleton could not be reached for comment and calls to Grottoes Police Chief John Painter were not returned.

Calls to multiple rescue squad officials also were not returned and it's unclear if Pendleton is still with the rescue squad.

Nagy: Fake Claims Worry Public

Nagy said rape allegations involving a stranger can cause the public to worry about their safety.

"The report of something that violent has a tendency to make people nervous," said Nagy. "It's certainly something we take very seriously. Any time someone accuses another person of something violent, it has lasting effects."

He said the rape investigation also took police off other cases they could have been working on.

Three of the town's five sworn officers were subpoenaed to testify in the case.

"It takes away police manpower from real potential crimes," said Nagy. "They could be focusing on crimes that might actually be going on."

Nagy said Pendleton never named an attacker.

"Luckily she didn't name any names," said Nagy. "The stigma [of being falsely accused of rape] can be insurmountable to recover from."

In the letter of retraction, addressed to current rescue squad President Alisa Randolph, Pendleton said the rape claim was false and asked for forgiveness.

"I am making this statement to you as president and hope you will accept my apology for any embarrassment I may have caused you or Grottoes Rescue Squad," the letter states.

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