Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Stripper who threatened man with false rape charge gets NO jail time: She was drunk at the time, you see

A man who has sex with a drunk woman cannot raise as a defense the fact that he was drunk at the time. He is declared a "rapist" and is sent to prison for many years. This, even though the woman might have willingly put herself in that situation with the knowledge and intent that intercourse likely would follow.

But in the news story below, the fact that a woman was very drunk when she had the ability to send text messages threatening an innocent man with a false rape charge -- that is posited as a defense for her misconduct in trying to destroy the man and, indirectly, his family. And that defense didn't get laughed out of the courtroom.

Double standard? You're damn right.

The woman's threatening text messages put the victim and his family in fear -- but, said the kind-hearted -- dare I say chivalrous? -- judge, the threats occurred "over a relatively short period of time," so the woman received no jail time.

"Relatively short period of time"? So what? If a rape occurred "over a relatively short period of time," would that be considered in mitigation of the man's sentence? Or would such a defense be laughed out of court?

I choose the latter, how about you?

There is a legal term for the double-standards at work here, which double-standards are typical of false rape claims: horseshit. Excuse my legalese. False rape claims will continue until women are punished severely for trying to destroy innocent men and boys; and until judges and prosecutors stop applying blatantly sexist double standards that excuse wrongful behavior of females.

The following news story is a travesty, a miscarriage of justice of monumental proportions. The judge might as well post a sign in the town square that says, "Open Season on Men and Boys: False Rape Claims Welcome!"


Lap dancer in blackmail attempt

Jul 14 2008 By Ross McCarthy

A LAP dancer from Birmingham who tried to extort money out of a client in a series of text messages has been given a suspended prison sentence.

Lucy Phillips made a number of threats, including alleging to the police that she had been raped by the victim.

Mr Recorder Christopher Tickle said that blackmail was an “ugly” offence and the victim and his family had been put in fear.

But he said he had taken into account that the text messages had been sent over a relatively short period of time and had not been followed up by any more threats.

Phillips, 20, of St Catherine’s Close, Sutton Coldfield, who had admitted blackmail, was sentenced to eight months’ imprisonment, suspended for two years.

She was also ordered to do 100 hours’ unpaid work, pay £1,000 compensation and £250 costs.
Sarah Pratt, prosecuting at Birmingham Crown Court, said Phillips worked at the Johnny Diamond Pink Flamingos Club and that she became a “favourite” of the victim, who was a regular visitor.

She said they had come to an “arrangement”, whereby he would help her out financially, although Phillips was later to deny this was in return for any sexual favours.

As a result, he paid for nights out, food and entertainment and also gave her £300 to keep him company. Ms Pratt said the man also bought Phillips a coat and that, on one occasion, they did have sex.

However, in December last year, the victim received several text messages from the defendant asking for a loan. And matters then became more serious when the man received a series of messages on December 28 with Phillips demanding to be paid £500 in three days’ time.

In them, she threatened that, if she was not given the money, she would tell her stepfather and friends “what you have done to me”, while also making the false rape allegation.

Samantha Crabb, defending, said all the money Phillips had received from the victim previously he had been happy to give her.

She said Phillips had sent the messages when she was extremely drunk and was sickened by what she had done.

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