Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Rape accuser won't speak with police, her timeline doesn't add up, and there's no DNA evidence of a rape: Decide for yourself if it was a hoax

A young woman made an unsubstantiated allegation that she was "raped" by two men last May. In recent weeks, she refuses even to speak with police about it, much less cooperate in their investigation; the timeline of her original narrative, it turns out, does not match records of her cell phone usage; and no DNA evidence was discovered on her clothes.

After all that police think her original statement may lack authenticity.

You're damn right it may lack authenticity. It strains credulity to believe a rape occurred based on nothing more than a young woman's naked, unsubstantiated assertion in light of the other indicia of unreliability presented here.

Yet, police do not believe her claim was a hoax, either, according to a police officer named Brenda Slovak.

Come again? What more do you need, madam?

Slovak is quoted as saying only one percent of reported sexual assaults turn out to be false.

In what universe, madam? You would do well to consult some of the authorities cited in this Web site. You can start here:

I would welcome you to provide objectively verifiable data showing that only one percent of the 67 rape reports to your police force since 1998 turned out to be false. Are you familiar with Professor Eugene Kanin's study? You would do well to consult it:

Your one percent figure is half of even the radical feminist assertion that only two percent of all claims are false, and that assertion has been thoroughly debunked.

You would do well to furnish better information to the press, madam, and writer Jay Board would do well to examine the authorities cited in this Web site as well, and not merely parrot someone who obviously accepts the veracity of any fanciful claim -- most likely because it is made by a woman and alleges rape against a male. Such insensitiviy denigrates countless innocent men who have been victimized by false rape claims. Spend a few hours and read the accounts in this Web site before you speak on the subject again.

Shame on you, Officer Slovak.

Shame on you, Mr. Board.


Alleged rape victim not speaking to police


Investigators doubt a local college student’s claim that she was raped by two unknown men at Bear Creek Park on May 30.

The alleged victim has not returned numerous messages left at her Keller home in recent weeks and "is not showing an interest anymore," Keller police Lt. Brenda Slovak said. A confidante also is hanging up on investigators’ phone calls.

"The lack of cooperation for the past three and a half weeks leads us to believe the victim’s original statement my lack authenticity," according to a police statement Wednesday. "Due to technology advances, the victim’s timeline to the assault is inconsistant with the information we obtained through records of cellular phone usage."

The investigation is ongoing.

"It’s a hard case to work when you don’t get any cooperation out of the victim," Slovak said. "The case has gone stale."

Sexual assault investigations are usually conducted quickly and lead to arrests, she said. But detectives are having trouble filling holes in the 18-year-old’s report.

The girl told police that two men approached her as she left her car in the parking lot in Bear Creek Park at about 11:50 p.m. May 30. The men followed her to a grassy area near the creek. There, she sat for about five minutes when one of the men pulled her down from behind and the other attacked her. After about 30 minutes, the men drove off in a small, white pickup.

She reported the alleged attack and described the men to police at about 4:30 p.m. the next day.

A sketch of one of the suspects was released June 4.

Neither suspect has been identified. A laboratory did not find DNA evidence on her clothes, Slovak said.

Slovak said investigators do not believe the girl’s report is a hoax. Less than 1 percent of reported sexual assaults turn out to be false, she said.

However, Slovak, a 20-year Keller officer, said she can’t recall a sexual assault in Keller in which the victim did not know the assailant. Since 1998, 67 rapes have been reported to Keller police.