Thursday, July 24, 2008

Random thoughts on wrongful rape claims

  • The radical feminist sexual assault fringe group is constantly beating the drum about the low rate of convictions for "rapes" (and they premise their stats on the conclusion that every claim of rape is actually a rape, which destroys their entire theory). This beating of the drum is especially true in "enlightened" Britain (pardon my sarcasm). I wonder what is the conviction rate for false reporting of rape? I promise you it is far lower than the conviction rate for rape or for any other serious crime.
  • Classic quote: "Look to your left, look to your right, look in front of you, and look behind you. Statistics tell us you have just laid eyes on someone guilty of sexual assault." Catharine MacKinnon, 1990 commencement speech at Yale Law School. I am surprised she didn't specifically use the word "male."
  • The radical feminists claim that women don't lie about rape -- except when they recant a rape claim, of course (recantations are "often" lies, they assert). But to illustrate the inanity and the misandry at work with this philosophy, one also needs to examine the obvious corollary: Men accused of rape who claim the woman made a false report invariably lie, and men accused of rape who confess to it invariably are telling the truth. So any time someone speaks in a manner intended to send a male to prison for rape, that is the truth. Any time someone speaks in a manner intended to keep a male out of prison for an alleged rape, that is a lie. This Web site is devoted to debunking these feminist mantras, which are grounded on a political agenda, not facts. It is well to note that innumerable serious studies -- not feminist diatribes parsing some "government" statistic while ignoring others that don't support their view -- have shown that many men who have confessed to rape are actually innocent. DNA proves the "confessions" were false beyond any reasonable doubt.
  • Despite all the work that is yet to be done, it is well to pause every so often and remember the progress being made: in a variety of ways, wrongful convictions are being taken very seriously in many jurisdictions due to the work of the Innocence Project and similar groups. Wrongly convicted men are statutorily compensated in many jurisdictions, and their stories are being told in the media. Now if we can only keep a lot more innocent men from being arrested in the first instance . . . .
  • Classic quote: "Perhaps the wrong of rape has proved so difficult to define because the unquestionable starting point has been that rape is defined as distinct from intercourse, while for women it is difficult to distinguish the two under conditions of male dominance." Catharine MacKinnon, Toward a Feminist Theory of the State (1989). If this quotation is accurate, and without knowing any more about her, one must wonder how an institution such as Yale, with a robust male and heterosexual female alumni, allowed such monstrous person to be a commencement speaker.
  • "These guys, like so many rapists -- and I'm going to say it because, at this point, she's entitled to the respect that she is a crime victim." Wendy Murphy, referring to the Duke lacrosse defendants on CNN's Nancy Grace show, hours after the April 10, 2006 release DNA evidence indicating the lacrosse players' innocence. Ms. Murphy is forever tainted by this act of prejudgment and misandry. And she's an authority on rape? Puh-lease!
  • Is there another crime on the books aside from false reporting of rape where the motives of the criminals are deemed so important by scholars and the news media? In fact, motive is not an element of the crime. Do they care -- even a little bit -- about the motives of accused rapists? I think not.
  • ". . . women who file what are deemed to be false reports are rarely prosecuted -- the justice system does not want to compound the anxiety of actual victims." Cry Rape, Bill Lueders 31 (2007). Come again? When we're talking "false reports," the actual victims are males wrongly targeted as suspects, wrongly arrested, wrongly convicted. How dare you ignore the "actual victims" of this "actual crime" of false reporting! And this, ladies and gentlemen, is why we have this particular blog.