Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Feminist hate site encourages young women to invent rape from whole cloth

This Web site does not link to hate sites that deal in supposed self-evident truths that men are evil. But it is well to keep an eye on them to know what inanity they are preaching to their young female readership.

Ever wonder where some young women are taught to regard obviously consensual sex as rape?

Excerpted below is a portion of a confusing post on rape (confusing is what passes for good writing in most of these radical feminist blogs) from a Web site that is so incredibly warped, and that hates anything male so rabidly, that its inanity would be amusing if its message weren't potentially inflammatory. Its views on "consent" and "rape" are so twisted that it can only help engender more false claims.

It preaches that there really is no such thing as meaningful "consent" in heterosexual sex. Any form of male cajoling is a form of rape on this horrid person's "rape culture" continuum.

This view, of course, is breathtaking in its stupidity.

Civil dialogue with the author of the post excerpted below would be as likely as civil dialogue with a cesspool. For normal people, however, her argument is quickly disposed of: When a young woman cajoles her fiance to buy an engagement ring he can't afford, or to visit her mother halfway across the Continental U.S., or to change his schedule to have sex when he doesn't have time because she wants a baby and they've been told that's how you do it -- are those things rape because one partner cajoled the other?

The question scarcely survives its statement.

For the morons who stumble on this site looking to pick a fight, get it straight (I know, "straight" may not be a word some of you would understand): persons in a committed relationship do things for each other all the time without necessarily being enthusiastic about it. Heterosexual sex is one of them.

Anyway the following is the convoluted prose from the hate site espousing a "continuum of rape culture":

"On one end of the spectrum in this splendid tableau of violent misogyny is the Nigel who cajoles ‘consent’ with guilt and low-level duress (“come on, just a little longer, I’m almost there.”). On the other, the jewel in the crown of patriarchal dominion: physical assault under threat of injury or death, or what is popularly thought of as rape."

Then the coupe de grace:

"I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: this condition of oppression absolutely precludes the contingency of a woman’s genuine consent to anything. Therefore it does a disservice to all women if we reserve the concept of coerced sex for its most sensationally violent incarnation."

And, of course, you can go to hell, madam.