Thursday, July 24, 2008

Poor woman falsely cries rape -- but can you blame her? She'd been spurned by two lovers on the same night

In Prof. Eugene Kanin's landmark study of false rape claims, he identified one of the three most frequent motives for false rape claims as "Attention/Sympathy-Getting Device."

The following news account, below, falls into that category. According to Prof. Kanin: "Although this device seems to be the most extravagant use for which a false rape charge is made, it is also the most socially harmless in that no one was identified as the rapist. Approximately 18% (n = 8) of the false charges [in his study] clearly served this function. The entire verbalization of the charge is, by and large, a fabrication without base."

While this kind of false claim is the most socially harmless of false rape claims, it is still potentially harmful to innocent men because (1) it helps perpetuate the inane, indeed immoral hysteria that rape is rampant, that every woman is at risk of being raped, and every man or teenage boy is a potential rapist; and (2) it often leads to an innocent male being targeted as a person of interest or even being arrested. Men and boys have killed themselves and have been killed or beaten by others on the basis of nothing more than a false rape claim. This is not even to mention to emotional strain to them.

So, while the following type of rape lie usually isn't as dangerous as the case of a woman seeking revenge or the case of a woman who falsely accuses a man or boy to cover up an illicit sexual relationship, it has its own evils and is not to be tolerated.

Note that the story below is more concerned about the help this woman supposedly needs as opposed to the harms listed above. That sort of journalistic approach is typical of these cases, given that false rape claims have been wrongly subsumed in the radical feminist sexual assault metanarrative where they are viewed through a gynocentric lens instead of through the lens of the exclusive victims of this crime -- innocent males. For unfathomable reasons, false rape claims are not deemed to be gender specific hate crimes. Men and boys who are falsely accused are deemed to be nothing more than a sort of unfortunate, or not so unfortunate, collateral damage in the much grander war on rape (a war fueled in part by the hysteria generated by false rape claims), and false rape claims are branded as an aberration -- a "myth," a "bugaboo," the product of some misogynist's wild imagination.




8:20am Wednesday 23rd July 2008
By Frances Kindon

A MOTHER who claimed a masked man brutally raped and slashed her has gone on trial for wasting police time.

Police say mother of two Jaime Lamb cost Cheshire Constabulary £30,000 in wasted man-hours by fabricating the attack at her home in Esthers Way, Weaverham, in July last year.

Lamb, 26, maintains a man forced her to have sex as her children slept upstairs before slicing her face, stomach and legs with a knife.

But prosecutors say she staged the attack and inflicted the injuries on herself after being rejected by two men in one night.

Lamb, who was taking anti-depressant tablets at the time, told officers she went downstairs after being woken by the sound of her window being smashed at around 5.30am.

There was a knock at the door and thinking it was her ex-partner, who she had telephoned for help, she opened it, but was faced with a man wearing a cartoon mask.

Lamb said he chased her into the kitchen before pinning her down and subjecting her to a violent attack telling her: “Be a good girl, remember your babies are sleeping upstairs.”

Opening the three-day trial at Knutsford Crown Court on Monday, Martin McRobby, prosecuting, said forensic tests on the defendant’s dressing gown indicated she had broken the window herself and sound recordings from a neighbour’s CCTV revealed the glass was only smashed after she made the call to her former partner.

Medical professionals are also due to give evidence stating her injuries were consistent with self harm and not rape.

Mr McRobby said: “The case is totally false and ficticious. Her injuries were self inflicted, there is evidence that she broke the window herself and the audio tape does not support the defendant’s version of events.”

Lamb, who had been drinking, smoking cannabis and sniffing cocaine earlier that night, said she spent the evening with blind date Thomas Walsh before going to bed alone at around 2am, not waking until her window smashed.

But Mr McRobby said she texted Mr Walsh at 4.15am asking him to return. He refused.

She then texted former long-term partner Mark Taylor at 5am asking him to come over but he too refused, saying he had been drinking and could not drive. She then called him to say her window had been smashed.

Mr McRobby said: “She called Mr Taylor to say something had happened then caused it to happen herself.

“If the court finds that she did so, she has a number of personal issues that need to be addressed. It may have been a cry for help or something to do with being rejected by two men in one night.”

The case continues.