Thursday, July 24, 2008

Polygraphs: bad when used against women who cry rape; a necessity when used against male sex offenders. Get it? Neither do I.

The radical feminist sexual assault lobby attacks the definitive study on false rape claims, by Prof. Eugene Kanin (who otherwise is a feminist icon), because the police force he studied over the course of nine years used polygraphs.

Heaven forbid.

Prof. Kanin's study revealed 41% of the rape claimants in this study actually recanted. It is fair to say that the level of false claims was actually higher -- Kanin only classified "false" claims as those who recanted. It is reasonable to assume other false claimants did not recant.

The feminists say the study is of no value because of the polygraphs. You see, these rape claimants for some unfathomable reason recanted because of the polygraph -- for reasons that makes no sense outside of the fairyland of the radical feminist sexual assault milieu. (But remember, as we've discussed elsewhere, to the radical femininsts, women don't lie about rape -- except when they recant. You get the picture.)

The fact of the matter is that polygraphs are routinely used by law enforcement officials, of course. But they are an important tool in one particular area of the criminal justice system -- insuring that sex offenders (who, incidentally, are predominantly male) are adhering to the terms of their probation. The 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, for example, has upheld the use of polygraphs for this purpose, saying that polygraph testing "produces an incentive to tell the truth, and thereby advances the sentencing goals."

You see where this is going, I am sure: When polygraphs are used as a sword against men accused of sexual offenses, they are a useful, indeed necessary tool. When they are used as a shield to protect innocent men against false rape accusers, they are a tool of the devil.

I do not hear any feminists decrying the use of polygraphs to send men back to jail.

I only hear feminists decrying the use of polygraphs when it will keep men accused of rape out of jail. And at least some of those men include the innocent, the falsely accused.

So, once again, to hell with the innocent men and boys. All that matters to these angry fanatics is nabbing the guilty, and the rest are just unfortunate collateral damage. And the fanatics are able to live with themselves by convincing themselves that false claims are a "myth," a "bugaboo," the product of misogynists' evil imaginations.

And hence the reason for this Web site -- to combat these wicked, wicked people who tell these terrible, awful lies. Because these lies are helping to send innocent men and boys to prison.