Saturday, July 12, 2008

Note to Michigan reader alleging "facts" about Dominican College post

To the individual who goes by the name "John" who took such offense at this post and who deigned to proffer new "information" to me -- ("facts" according to the commentator, not allegations) -- if you'd like to come out from behind your anonymity and go on record with facts you can substantiate by objectively verifiable information instead of your vulgar ipse dixit, I would be happy to report them. Kindly understand, "John," -- sir or madam -- I am interested in the truth. I merely commented on the news article that I reprinted in full in that post. I know rapes occur.

I suspect the College and the pertinent local police department can locate you with the tracking information I have. They can determine if you've libeled them better than I can.

Sadly, too many people -- perhaps you among them -- want to tell countless victims of false rape claims that their victimization is a myth. You would do well to read this Web site.