Wednesday, July 16, 2008

An especially sick and twisted false rape claim

See the news story below. This is one of the sickest cases of a false rape claim reported in recent memory. The trial of the woman continues, but the allegation is that the couple behaved like any happy couple both prior to and after having sex. Then she claimed she had to pick up something at work and left. She never came back. The next thing he knew, the young man was in a jail cell, arrested for a rape he didn't commit.

Sick, inexplicable behavior. A woman can be joking with a man one minute, and the next, she is bent on using the police to destroy his very existence. How utterly frightening for any man.

Note that the young man had the false claim hanging over his head for six months -- six full months -- until it was finally determined that she was the criminal, not him.

Most frightening of all is that, as is customary in these cases, the young man was jailed on nothing more than the allegation of the female it was later determined had lied. Without any corroborating evidence. Such power women hold over any man or teenage boy they deign to target with a false rape claim! Can you imagine the psychological turmoil she caused him? In fact, you can't, unless you are among the readers of this blog who have experienced a false rape claim. For the rest of us, the pain is beyond our ken.

The cavalcade of false rape claims becomes almost mind-numbing at times, and stories like this one are extremely depressing because they are so frightening.


Woman 'seduced ex-boyfriend and cried rape

By Richard Alleyne
Last Updated: 3:35PM BST 15/07/2008

A naval officer seduced her ex-boyfriend at the home of her new partner while he was out to sea and then cried rape, a court has heard.

Erin Casson, 27, a communications officer, claimed submariner Brian Eaton, who she had been seeing for one year but had split up with three months earlier, threatened to kill her before forcing her to have sex, it was said.

But after six months police officers investigating the rape claim decided it was her who was lying and she was arrested for perverting the course of justice.

Mr Eaton, a petty officer, told Portsmouth Crown Court how the allegation and subsequent treatment had left him "mortified".

He said that Casson had persuaded him to go to the home of her new boyfriend in September 2006 in Portmouth after they had met for a few drinks.

They had started kissing and then had sex on the sofa. Shortly afterwards they continued laughing and joking with each other before Casson left the house saying she needed to pick up something from work and would return in 20 minutes.

Despite him sending a number of text messages she never returned and after two hours he decided it was time to go home to Watford, the court heard.

"The next thing I knew about it the police were coming into my room at 4am and gave me the allegation of rape," he said.

"I was taken to Watford station to wait for officers from Portsmouth to come and get me and on the cell was written in dry white marker the word, 'rape' – I was mortified."

Police dropped the case against Eaton six months later after evidence mounted against Casson's claims she was followed and threatened by her ex.

CCTV footage from the garage at Tesco where they first met and eyewitness accounts revealed the pair had been seen laughing and joking prior to the alleged assault.

She had claimed he had forced her back to the house.

Mark Johnstone, a neighbour who was fitting a car stereo on the afternoon of the alleged attack, said: "I saw two green MGs drive up and the woman, who I knew was looking after the house, pulled up first.

"The man grabbed a rucksack from his car and he exchanged a few words to the female.

"They looked like a normal couple having a conversation and a laugh with a bit of light-hearted banter. Nothing out of the ordinary.

"Some time later she came out of the house followed by the man and it appeared they were talking to each other like any other couple."

Kate Lumsdon, prosecuting, said that the motive for the false rape claim was still unclear.

She said: "Miss Casson was arrested but remained convinced she was raped. The Crown says there is no sufficient evidence to support that and that it was a fake allegation.

"It was a cry for attention, help or maybe she had a grudge against Mr Eaton – all of these things can be considered."

Casson denies one count of perverting the course of justice. The trial continues.