Monday, July 21, 2008

Another teen lies about rape

The sort of lie told by the girl in the news story below is the sort of lie that has landed innumerable innocent men and boys in prison for years, even decades, destroying their lives.

The story does not state whether any innocent men were targeted for questioning or were arrested. Nor is there any indication that the girl recanted and admitted her lie.

In order for false claims to be deterred, women and girls who make them need to be punished severely if they fail to recant or if their lies cause innocent men or boys to be targeted in the investigation of their false claims.


Investigators say rape claim by teen was bogus

Annette Weston Reporting

Investigators say the search for a child molestor has now become an investigation into the filing of a false police report. On Thursday, a 13-year-old girl in Bloomingdale told officers that she had been raped while riding her bike on the Kal-Haven Trail. Eventually detectives were able to poke holes in her claim. Van Buren County Sheriff Dale Gribler says they're still looking into the case, but now the prosecutors office will decide whether to charge the teen with lying to police.