Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Another false rape claim: A woman needs to blame someone for injuries inflicted by another woman, so, of course, she concocts an imaginary male rapist

In the news story below, a woman got into a fight with another woman and, for reasons unknown, felt a need to lie about it.

And how better to explain her injuries than to accuse some phantom male of raping her?

No harm, you say? Except that for three days, police were looking for clues to arrest that hypothetical man.

And what if they had succeeded? What if they nabbed some innocent male because he fit the description this liar had given? His life would have been in tatters, possibly destroyed, because this young woman, for reasons known only to her, felt she needed a whipping boy -- so she concocted a male rapist to accuse.

But, hey, they might actually slap a misdemeanor charge on her.

Pathetic. Utterly pathetic.


Police say woman lied about rape

By Paul Fredericks

Boise police say a 19 year old Caldwell woman has recanted her story that she was raped outside a convenience store.

Early Saturday morning, police say they were called to a local hospital where the woman was being treated for injuries she claimed were the result of the attack. The woman told police she had gone to a convenience store at the corner of Eagle Road and Chinden Boulevard at 4am. She told them a man attacked her in that parking lot.

Now detectives say the 19-year-old made the claim because she was trying to cover up a fight she had been in with another woman.

During the investigation, police discovered the fight had occurred with another woman outside Boise city limits. No charges have been filed at this time in connection with that altercation.

Boise police say they plan to charge the Caldwell woman with filing a false police report. It is a misdemeanor the department says will help them recoup come of the costs of the three day investigation.