Friday, July 25, 2008

Another false rape claim: 'Everyone wanted to kill this man over something the woman now says didn't happen'

Nine days in jail for an alleged rape he didn't commit.

The prosecution is now pursuing charges against the woman, who admits she lied. Her motive is not known.

But why, oh why, is her anonymity still protected? This man is still being smeared with a lie, and some readers might still think "something" must have happened, despite her recantation.

Still, reporter Teresa Moore protects the false accuser's identity with all the tenacity Clark Kent employed to guard Superman's true identity.

The reporter even lists the poor man's address!

She also makes sure everyone knows he's had his problems with drunk driving -- a matter that wouldn't get the publicity it receives here were it not for the false accuser's lie.

Wow! And this guy's the victim! Imagine what this newspaper would have done to him if he were convicted of rape. Probably called for his public castration.

Ms. Moore, if you'd care to explain your frankly indefensible double-standard, I will print it here.

Accuser tells police she lied

By Teresa Moore/The Ironton Tribune
Friday, July 25, 2008 11:35 AM EDT

An Ironton man accused of a slew of heinous crimes walked free Thursday — but the woman who falsely accused him may now find herself in jail.

James McClaskey, 37, of 229 Private Drive 1577, County Road 25, Pedro, was arrested July 15 and charged with rape, gross sexual imposition, aggravated menacing, assault and sexual imposition.

He was taken to the Lawrence County Jail.

But during a preliminary hearing Thursday in Ironton Municipal Court, the charges against him were dismissed.

“The victim recanted her story and later told police she made up the allegations,” Assistant Lawrence County Prosecutor Mack Anderson explained.

The woman victim initially told police she was raped in the restroom of a business.

Anderson said he will now pursue charges against her, either obstruction of justice or falsification, since her false claims not only smeared an innocent man’s name and wasted countless police hours that could have been used to investigate truthful cries for help.

McClaskey’s attorney, Warren Morford, said his client is glad to have his name cleared.

“When he went to court the first time, they called his name and he stood up and when they started listing off the charges, rape, gross sexual imposition, assault, aggravated menacing, when they got past ‘rape’ the daggers came out of people’s eyes and you could see everyone wanted to kill this man over something this woman now says didn’t happen,” Morford said.

Neither Anderson nor Morford knew why the woman made up the allegations against McClaskey.

McClaskey does still face a felony drunken driving charge from a separate incident, Anderson said.