Saturday, June 14, 2008

Woman lies about rape; police search for rapist; woman admits claim was a lie; police are -- undecided about whether to charge her? Excuse me?

When a woman lies that she was raped, setting off a police manhunt that could snag an innocent man and destroy his life, how could the police be undecided about whether to charge her with false reporting? Do they just not want to bother with it? And if the genders were reversed, do you think they'd be undecided?

False reporting of rape is a crime that exclusively targets men and boys, and it isn't going to stop until women understand there are serious consequences to them for doing it. If you are a man in the Mesa area, and if you resemble the picture, above, be thankful you were not arrested for this most vile crime. Try to imagine the horrible consequences that would have ensued. Every man and boy in the Mesa area, and the women who love them, should insist that this woman be charged with the crime of false reporting.

The final line of the the following story will not contribute to deterring other women from making similar false claims in the future.

Police: Desert Rape Report Was False

MESA, Ariz. -- A woman who said she was abducted, driven to a desert area and raped admitted Thursday that her contact with her alleged abductor was consensual, Mesa police said.

The 20-year-old woman initially told police she was walking in Mesa around 5:30 a.m. Wednesday when she was approached by a Spanish-speaking man driving a green four-door sedan. The woman said he forced her into the vehicle, drove her to a secluded desert area near the town of Maricopa and raped her, investigators said.

She also told police he threatened to kill her if she told anyone what happened.

Police issued a media release with a sketch of the alleged rapist and asked for the public's help identifying the man.

Late Thursday, however, a witness told police the woman appeared to have voluntarily gotten into the man's car.

Investigators interviewed the woman again and said they determined the witness was right, and that the contact between the man and woman was consensual.

Police closed the sexual assault case and said they have not decided whether to charge the woman with false reporting.