Friday, June 27, 2008

Woman falsely cries rape so her boyfriend won't break up with her

The motivations for false rape claims are of infinite variety. The most prominent motivation, as we see from the reports on this Web site, seems to be a desire to "explain" an illicit sexual relationship to a parent, husband or boyfriend. A woman or, as is often the case, a girl will lie that she's been raped rather than admit she's having an affair. And this often leads to disastrous results for the poor male she's lied about, sometimes even fatal.

Sometimes, as in the case reported below, the motivation is to garner attention from someone. Specifically, in the news report below, the woman didn't want her boyfriend to break up with her. (Because, of course, nothing says "I love you" better than falsely accusing another guy of rape.)

In one sense, there is altogether too much emphasis on discerning the motivations of someone who commits the crime of false reporting of rape. News report after news report seeks out these motivations as if they were critical to the story. In contrast, there is, of course, no interest in discovering the motivations of an accused rapist. Sexual assault counselors insist, without bothering to ask the accused rapist, that his motivation was not sex but power. (This explanation is, of course, de rigueur feminist wishfulness and is often not in accord with reality because, for example, many college boys accused of rape have no interest in demonstrating their superior male brute strength; all they are after is the sex. And sometimes a woman or girl leads them on and they decide to plow ahead, perhaps in the face of her mixed signals.)

In any event, publishing the motivation of a woman or girl charged with making a false rape claim does serve the useful purpose of lending verisimilitude to the fact that she lied. Some sexual assault counselors claim that while every claim of rape is presumptively true, recantations of rape are suspect and often are not true. See A whopper of a feminist double standard: Women don't lie about rape, except when they recant a rape claim

Get it? Women don't lie about rape, until they admit they weren't raped. Then they can't be believed. Either way the innocent man or boy loses.


Police: False rape claim leads to arrest

By JENNIFER COLTON/Index-Journal staff writer
Thursday, June 26, 2008 11:57 PM EDT

ABBEVILLE -- Police investigating a reported rape last weekend found the woman’s claims didn’t match up with the evidence -- and arrested the alleged victim rather than the supposed attacker.

Carla Ann Hudson, 19, of 135 Louise St., Lowndesville, filed a report Monday at the City of Abbeville Police Department claiming she had been raped by a man. When detectives dug into the story, however, the evidence pointed in a different direction.

“We investigated the claim and the evidence did not match the complaint,” Lt. Det. Curtis Killian said Thursday. “The victim was confronted with the evidence and confessed to lying about the assault. She confessed that the reason she filed the report was that she didn’t want her boyfriend to break up with her.”

The arrest warrant states Hudson lied so “her boyfriend would not find out."

Hudson was charged at 1 p.m. Monday with filing a false policy report of a felony, which itself is a felony, Killian said. Hudson was later released by a judge on a personal recognizance bond.