Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Slap-on-the-wrist for a false rape claim denigrates every man who's ever been victimized by a false rape claim

Read the story below. If the woman's lie had its intended effect, what sentence do you think the two men falsely accused of rape would have received? Does anyone think they would have received probation and a $278 fine? Does this suggest an absence of proportionality in sentencing for the crime of false reporting? You're damn right it does, and we'll prove it in an essay that we will run Friday.

As you read the following story about a slap-on-the-wrist for a false rape claim, remind yourself that disingenuous feminist authors still claim with a straight face that our jurisprudence "countenances" violence against women. Every man who has gone through the false rape ordeal only to see his accuser escape with little or no punishment understands that he is completely at the mercy of a woman who chooses to lie.

The following is the news story:

Woman Admits to Making Up Cop-Rape Story

A woman pleads guilty to making up a story about being raped in Walker County and receives her penalty.

According to the state court clerk's office, 23-year-old Crystal Snider got 12 months probation and a $278 fine for filing a false report back in April.

The Walker County Sheriff says Snider made up a story about being raped by two men who were posing as police officers at gun point.